How to get initiated into voodoo

i can practice voodoo and talk to the loas but Papa Legba is saying its a wise man to get initiated…so how do i do this myself i know E.A koetting has done it himself so how can i


Ask the loa to initiate you?


Find a peristyle in the Haitian community (or down in Louisiana) and ask questions.

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@emperor Its bit hard if you happen to live as far away as Australia? As I do too. Where Haitian people are as rare as hens teeth “down under”.

To a degree we Australians far more than Americans do, actually do have to rely most of the time on our own studies and the loa initiating us into the Voudon current.

Thank goodness for books on Voudon like E.A.K.'s hey!

As was rightly said my @SHaDoWSToRM696 above.


@tony_england @SHaDoWSToRM696 & @emperor

I agree that if the Lwa/Loa really want you? Then they will initiate you themselves. That’s what a wonderful culturally appropriate and well educated Houngan and Bokor woman advised me to do too. I actually feel ready to work with Voudon and the Lwa/Loa now. Whereas I didn’t before because I was afraid too.

I think for me the difference now has been because I started dreaming about Papa Legpa a lot in the cemetery last year. The cemetery was exactly like the upright colourful tombs in Haiti. Whilst Papa Legpa kept on showing me things all around the cemetery including many shades.

He also showed me in my dreams what actually happened exactly in the next few months to come Including the then very unexpected and shocking death of my late father last year. Papa Legpa kept showing me firstly that my father suddenly became ill, why and then how.

Then Papa Legpa took me into the graveyard, opened a coffin and inside my beloved father lay. I honestly didnt want to believe it but recorded these dreams in writing & art back in Jan. 2018. As advised by my Houngan friend online.

Dad did start dying very quickly after having been so well. He was dead by the first week Sept. 2018. Even though I was so upset & grief stricken by this. I wasn’t as shocked as our other relatives were. As Papa Legpa had already warned me about it all in advance. Papa Legpa was in my thoughts a lot.

What surprised me even more is as Ive practiced necromamcy & divination seriously for many years now, I thought that I would’ve already known in my usual western witchcraft way of knowing. But that wasn’t the way it was at all.

These dreams did start happening after I’d been studying a lot about Voudon, Voodoo, Hoodoo & Conjure last year. Instead of my usual mostly western occultism & witchcraft. I had also read E.A.K’s great book on Voudon too and was quite impressed by it.

I haven’t actively done a pathworking with the Loa just yet. I’m not quite sure why? As Ive studied everything from the usual western occult traditions, practices & books “ad infinitum” from many different cultures & religions too accept ATRs & Voudon.

But for some reason I’m still apprehensive a little about Voudon. Maybe its because I know that when working with the Loa there is no easy way.

As well as knowing that physically, psychologically and spiritually it will probably take a lot out of me and I’m not getting any younger. Lol

I’d be very interested to hear from others whom have self initiated into Voudon? Either from E.A.K’s great Voudon Book? And/or from using other books too?

Or did other"s whom have decided to practice Voudon actually go to Haiti? Spend a fortune like all tourists do? Or have any of you been lucky enough to be friends with a genuine Haitian Houngan or Bokor to teach ypu in the US?

Also what is your opinion on learning from the Lwa/Loa themselves and Eric’s book only? What were your results? As it would really help me and others to know thats for sure.

Please let me know of your opinions and/or experiences? As Im sure it would help mamy in the BALG community a lot.




Evoke Papa Legba.

He’s the council,
and in charge of giving messages forth,
as well as initiations go over his desk.

His Veve is:

It should be made from Corn,
not Salt.

Also, Drink Rum while you evoke him.

Drop Rum over Some Chicken Bones (you can simply obtain them by eating at Kentucky fried Chicken once,
and keeping the bones of the meal for the ritual.)

Next up,
you would (if you had access to that, and could make safe use of it),
Butcher a Rooster (male chicken), over the burning bones,
and sprinkle the blood over the Veve aswell.

During that,
you’d call on Papa Legba and ask for your initiation into Vodoun. (specifically Vodoun, NOT Voodoo, or Hoodoo).

If you don’t recognize any answer or shift in the enviorment,
and also don’t find your life-circumstances changing within 6-12 weeks from the ritual,
get back to us at Balg,
because then something must have gone wrong.

Is that clear enough of instruction?

Papa Legba is depicted like this:


Then here’s the fucking most importend advice,
you’ll ever hear on the Loa:

Treat them,
as teachers!
Never, try to give a task to a loa,
without being ready,
to face a massive teaching,
along the way.

Similar to lucifer,
in that matter.

They also share the habit,
of blocking other spirits off of you.




my personal theroy,
on behalf of what the loa are,
is an ancient cult,
which turned undead / immortal,
and keeps learning with every new generation of magy.





I agree go to the Lwa themselves don’t go looking for a hougan or bokor.
Loads of individuals say you need to be initiated by them, that’s dogmatic bullshit.

If that’s the truth then what about the first ever practitioner or priest who initiated them ?.
Exactly so go to the source, the very gods themselves.


Vodou is a form of cultural immersion. I’m no more convinced you can get your kanzo from a book than if you said you were a Freemason without joining the fraternity.

Buying kanzo from a Koetting book? Idk…that’s disrespectful to the culture, and can backfire on you.

With that said, Voduisant Kenaz Filan has gone on record saying you don’t need to initiate into the priesthood to serve the loi. There’s nothing wrong with being a devout layperson.

I wouldn’t deign to claim a priesthood through self-initiation in a system that requires peer acknowledgment.

But that’s just me.

The decision of serving the loi through Koetting’s book is up to you.

Wit that said, onto the next thread.


You can find a REAL voodoo priest,priestess, buy a REAL spell that calls Loa into your life in some form, such as money, spiritual abilities, a lover, etc. and this will bring those spirits and their Current into your life.
This is just for starters

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I live in Midwest

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Speaking of Mason’s I might become one

Only problem is the rooster I have a fire pit but I can get the blood blood or heart from a butcher probably I’ll do some talking thank you for this

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i just noticed,
that ideally,
you could try to get one from a village farmer.

My travels revealed to me,
that there’s some accessability that way.

But you’ll probably have to talk around the fact that you’re needing to butcher them yourself,
by claiming religious restrictions on why you need an alive anymal there.

Try to read into kosher butchering,
and point towards that,
or Halal.

Those have some restrictions,
on making the animal loose all blood,
prior to usage,
and by claiming you need it for religous endevors,
you’ll more likely get agreement on buying them for food reasons.

apart from that,
you could also ask for a butcher,
which provides them in that quality,
and then at the butchery,
for having that blood seperate from the animal.

But be careful when talking to the butchery,
those are most of the time having some foot into magick themselves.




First off I am not commenting to argue just wanting to offer my own input here.

I walk with the Loa and they gave me the title of “Bokor” because when they asked me to do something I always follow and in return when I ask for them to work in my life they also act in kind. That said I was initiated by the Loa, and I find that when it comes to “peer acknowledgment” I have come to realize real recognizes real. Meaning if you are initiated then where you walk the Loa also walk and thus you will ALWAYS be recognized whether you claim a “priesthood” or not. I would rather learn from the ascended masters among the different families of Loa then anyone who stands before me and claims they know how to teach better then the spirits they follow. If you want to understand the word “disrespectful” then that would be it in my opinion.


The roaster bones are the only problem I can’t obtain

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Didn’t Ybieroth say you can get the bones from a KFC meal?


Learning Vodou from a book? KFC chicken bones as offerings to Legba? LOL! The real disrespect is ignoring the regleman and living tradition of a path, making up whatever nonsense you please and calling it “self initiation”, and treating its sacred spirits as toys or vending machines. Or applying a Western “solitary practitioner” framework to African traditions, which have always been ancestral, community-based and passed down orally by lineage. But you’re free to do as you please. If you’re doing foolishness Vodou priests won’t chase you down and correct you, or force you to get initiated. They will leave you to the mercy of the spirits. And your life may take an interesting turn.

And this should be common sense, but if you want to get initiated into HAITIAN VODOU, you go to HAITI. Hell, the Lwa themselves will remove all obstacles and drag you kicking and screaming around the world to Haiti if kanzo is in your destiny. Until then, you can only serve the Lwa safely. Not command, demand, evoke, channel, “work with” or “use” for magic. SERVE. As in prayer, offerings and acts of devotion. And even that is safer under guidance from a priest, who can correct disrespectful behavior like feeding the Lwa leftover fast food garbage! Ask yourself why the spirits would go to the trouble of establishing a cult, a priesthood and an order of service if they were ok with random strangers summoning them with random made-up rituals? But again…you’re free to do as you please! :heart:


I got chicken leg and a chicken heart

Ok that would be fun because I would not resit