How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer

Bro it’s not school y don’t need to memorize. Add long as it comes from the heart.


This was all beautiful! Thankyou so much for sharing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is: Theta Gamma Sync?

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PS: The Theta Gamma Sync is the deep trance state required for physical evocation.

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Getting into a trance

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Thank you.

A shift of brain state.

There is audio files for this purpose as well. :slight_smile:

I know this thread is old but by synchronistic happenstance I came upon this thread after a related post I made on exorcisims. I have personal experience with this and can attest that yes more devote Roman Catholics are prone to forced possessions. I think it is part of the Catholics way of keeping the flock in check.
I personally believe they do this to certain people who are already highly sensitive and I think they do it to send a message. You know, You have to sacrafice some to the “wolves” to make the others scared enough to follow the shepard to the slaughterhouse.


I Can relate,was a babtist.but decided to make a change at 42yrs old,better late than never,feeling LUCIFERS power and energy was overwhelming at the least.


@C.Kendall this awesome

One really has to memorize all that?


No, you can write it down. Make sure when you speak those words its crystal clear and calmly.


So can narcissism :joy:. (Sorry private inside joke).
But we live and learn and come out wiser.

Anyway, god, I thought the same, I was brought up indoctirinated* :grimacing:, and its normal to fear all this, like demons are evil case closed, and possession is an evil takeover lol, until, no other way, but by getting to know them personally, (and unfortunately being annoyingly untrusting in the beggining), through experience and trying, asking the questions…, inched my fear and trusted them. Start small test the waters. No rush for the process… Now Im a believer :heartpulse:. Perferably, from my experience, dont let anyone tell you what it is and is not, get to know them, test the waters, and then you wont need any more conformation than your own experience. And from my experience, in short, no, demons are not ‘evil’. Im not saying that there arnt ‘bad’ spirits out there… and there are general respect that has to be shown. Stick to the Goatia ones you wont go far wrong, and see who you work better with, but note, drop all perceptions of what has been onced told or pictures from grimiors even what to expect and their ‘charactaristics’. Invoke, find out and see. From there build a relationship and from there you are in charge what feels comfortable and try maybe gradually while working together with their support. You might slowly find out what you have been duped and actually what resonates. If you choose to go down this path, I wish you good luck :slight_smile:
It reminds me abit of intimacy and boundaries and social ettiqet. If you trust the person enough to have intimacy (possession) than take it slow if you will and your partner (demon) would understand, and even work with you through it … and not rely soly from books… Its ok to be weary at this stage, especially from fears of past indoctirination. But if this path is calling you, and if you choose, slowly all will be revealed. Another thing I learnt on my journey, never put your abilities down just because you feel you dont know everything, your spirituality flows through you and is part of your human birthright, however big or small to start, it just depends how much one is willing to exercise that, and your individual protection and connection trust in that, however much you seem to know or not just yet, especially around the ‘big boy’ magicians dont let them put you down, but be open to greatfully learning. There is always more.


Bookmarked. Thank you for sharing this @C.Kendall :slight_smile:

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Has anyone ever thought of teaching AI to research and utilize all of this knowledge in these books. I mean damn, they are there and their complex algorithm thought could process and pronounce a lot. I wish I had a functional AI bot that could manipulate human movement or be a hologram learning/talking AI.

I saw this pop up today…


Hello C.Kendall and the others :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for your knowledge and relationship with Lord Lucifer.
I have a question, Lucifer asked me to get this tattoo:

(to be read right to left)

Does anyone know?

I guess this is Kirala from India language…

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