How to fix your computer (TL;DR at the end)

Greetings, everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend and you… Oh, what’s that? Your laptop is not working anymore? You spilled some highball and most of it landed on your incredibly expensive MacBook Air? You tried removing everything with a towel but it was already too late? You don’t know how to fix it? Do not fear, for I am here to help!

Two weeks ago, on a nice Sunday night, I went back into my room after using the bathroom. I was pretty drunk and, because I forgot to turn on the light, I bumped into a cup full of sweet alcohol with my hand while trying to go to another tab. A good amount ended up on my laptop’s keyboard. I freaked out and I did all I could to remove everything. I looked for solutions on the Internet to minimize the damage and checked if I could still turn the computer on and if the keyboard still worked. It really took a hit. After following the advice I could find, I made sure I had done everything I could do in this situation, to make sure I had not ruined everything. I even searched the forum for any similar topic and for an entity who could help. To no avail.
Three days later, on a Wednesday, I had to use my laptop to print a résumé and a sigil of Belial. Man, was it slow! And the fan kept blowing so hard… It felt like I had lost one of my most useful tools. After printing what I needed, I saved the data on an external driver, which took as long as you would imagine after such an accident, and I just stopped using it for a whole week.
Right after I placed it back on the towel I used in order to let it rest for a while on my secondary desk, I thought to myself “Well… I might as well give magick a shot.” I did and now, a week and a half after the accident… It works really well! As if nothing had happened! Not a single scary noise! Not a single problem!

Now, the real question is: what did I do? How can you fix your computer as well? That’s what you are here to find out so let’s get started!

What you need:

  • You
  • Intent
  • Visualization

As despaired as I was, I decided to direct my energy towards my laptop. I voiced my command “You will be fixed! You will work again! You will be more powerful than ever!”
After exhausting all I had, which really was not much (events that affected me negatively were haunting me, reducing my control over my power), I just let the laptop rest on its towel for a while.
For about three days and nights, I visualized myself directing my left hand toward my computer, attracting the alcohol, forming a dripping ball of dirty gray alcohol in the air and making it vanish after everything was removed from the keyboard.
I put the computer back into the drawer of my desk and I only tried using it on Wednesday, a week after I started using magick to fix it. It now works just as you would expect a brand-new computer to work.

That’s how I did it. You should know that the computer was pretty much doomed and that I was ready to get a new one.

I wonder if this was a lesson from Belial, reminding me that magick is very real and that our imagination can be our biggest strength as well as our greatest weakness…

TL;DR for those who want a quick answer:

Do this once:

  • Direct healing energy towards the computer
  • Voice your command with intent

Do this as many times as you wish:

  • Visualize gray gunk coming out of the keyboard and forming a dripping ball
  • Make the dripping ball vanish

Congrats my friend :black_heart::black_heart:

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Thanks for this I’ll be doing it.

@Yasuke thanks soooo much!!!

Guys guys guys I’m in shock and indebted to this user. So on Tuesday my Lenovo thinkpad was left in the rain for 20 minutes, I stupidly tried to turn it on immediately with water still inside and also plugged it in to try and get it on. The IT guys at work told me the machine was toast and I should have them remove the hard drive.

I went to a repair store they told me the same thing. I did exactly what yasuke said with a twist.

I placed the laptop in 15 pounds of rice in a bucket, I also put salt in a clockwise position around the bucket, I placed this in the East and I put a mirror facing the bucket in the west.


Glad I could help!
Also, your twist is a very good thing to do to improve your success in this situation!


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I was very tired last night and did not back it up. Woke up now and it’s not coming on again…sighs.

Emotional rollercoaster in full effect right now.

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That sucks, though I’m more interested you have 15 pounds of rice handy.

Can you get someone to recover the data?

I made a computer go bang once (RIP :pray:) and still got all my files off it, so the data might be safe.

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Lolz I didn’t have it, I don’t eat rice like that. On the day it happened I bought the rice even two ppl in the supermarket commented on the quantity asking if I was having a family dinner :rofl:

I’m at work now and the IT guy has partially opened it and so that air can flow through it quicker so that it can dry quicker. He said to let it dry this way until tonight then he will screw it up again and we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m in my car now directing positive energy towards it etc.

The data can be extracted from the hard drive but then I would have to buy a new laptop which is a no go right now. This laptop is gonna work again trust me.

Going to go home and do some spells, also I will do Yasuke’s method again. If anyone wants to take a minute and direct some positive energy towards it too then I would be most grateful. It’s a Lenovo Thinkpad X1.


Sent you some energy. If you need more, kindly do not hesitate to notify me.

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Hey I had it repaired and it’s working fine now. It cost me $400 buy hey it’s working :slight_smile:

Even while the repair store had it I was still doing your visualization daily. I know it helped me. Apparently there was so much water in it they even had to remove the screen.

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Glad it could be saved. May it survive as long as you need it. This must have been a difficult time for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:slight_smile: I said the same thing did a cleansing on it too.

Trust me you have no idea, I was in the middle of doing some major editing and other important stuff. Thanks again for starting the thread to share your technique and for all your support!


Depending on the laptop and your skill you can dismantle them and clean thrm thoroughly. Its a daunting task and watching old pros do this on youtube doesn’t help my confidence in doing such myself. Some devices look imposible to open much less fiddle with. Glad magic worked. I should have done that for an mp3 player of mine before going beserk and ramming a knife into its power button. Now i can only turn it on via usb when it charges. Doh! I have a back up one though but im not happy with a 5 month old mp3 player going DERPITY on me.

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interesting thread, some weeks ago my computer wasn’t working so i decided to do something like you did, and the computer worked very well