How to Evoke Hecate & Suggestions for Protecting Children from an Abusive Father?

Hi everyone,

I have researched this topic on the forums, but I didn’t see an exact match so here we go…

I am in need of a ritual to contact Hecate to protect my children from their father. Without getting into great detail, my relationship with my kids’ father is marked with a lot of abuse, and I mistakenly believed at the time I divorced him, that I was the toxic component to the abuse, that if we were apart, the cycle would end.

Obviously I was wrong, my children have reported reoccurring abuse that has become more frequent and disturbing, particularly in the last year. While CPS has gotten involved, the threshold for modifying custody based on abuse is astronomical. Something so abhorrent and blatant has to happen for the courts to justify taking action.

My daughter is now telling me she does not feel safe there anymore, but in my state minors need to be at least 14 before the courts consider their preferences. As she’s only 9 (my son 7) I need to act now before things get worse.

I have heard Hecate is particularly protective of children. I know my request is justified. Seeing the change in my childrens behavior, it’s all just so heartbreaking. I have searched through the forums and seen a lot of praise and people discussing Hecate, but not step by step evocation.

Is she the type of entity I could summon using a sigil opening and enn chant/request and offering system? Do I need to approach her with something more complex/using more tact?

For frame of reference, for most of my evocations, I have been using ritual 2 from Demon’s of Magick but obviously that can’t apply here.

At the risk for sound spell thirsty or like a mooch, any recommendations are greatly welcomed and needed.


Thanks for replying.

I will begin researching Lilith right now.

More protection can’t be a bad thing.


Thank you! This is very helpful

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Let me read this for the OP.


I have this same situation. I am getting divorced. I asked for 100% custody because he has take him for 3 full over nights since November. My son hates him and with his own mouth as said more the. Once he is abusive. Lilith is also amazing to work with kids. Anyone that will protect women and child and can turn the tides of the courts are who I am working with. I have even made a jar to help turn the tides.

If you need someone to talk to in private my dm is always open for you. Let me get everything I have tried so far.

But my son when for this bright amazing boy to being super angry and bitter. The last tome he came home. He looked at me and said I am
Angry and I don’t even know why.


Thank you, I am going to begin working with Lilith tonight. I appreciate the help so much.

I was planning on evoking Furcas this afternoon to enhance my ability to hear/communicate. The rest of the week/weekend will be spent working towards contacting entities to improve this situation.

I am so sorry to hear about your son. I’ve seen a similar change with my son. I don’t believe my DM’s are unlocked yet, but if you are willing to message me, I would be so grateful.


Of course it will be a little bit have to clean up and make dinner but I will send you a dm when I am done.

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Of course, that would be very helpful

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Got to it before I could get the link.
@anon59605236 Mythopoeia sent the right link.

I might also suggest that you get Belial involved. He’s known for court cases and breaking chains (among other things). You could use both in the petition, but could also do one for the protection and care of your son and another for the legal proceedings. Up to you.

I would also petition your ancestors to throw their weight behind it. Free help doesn’t hurt and they should have an interest in their bloodlines safety and security. You could look up a simple Pagan or Norse ancestor thanks ritual for that, if you’d like.

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I just reviewed the link concerning petitions, and am drafting one right now.

Is it okay to work multiple petitions with different entities at once? One to Hecate or Lilith, another to Belial?

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I wouldn’t do two petitions for the exact same thing, with different Deities. If I wanted to call upon Hecate and Lilith, I would call upon them in the same petition and ask them to work together for a resolution. If I needed to adapt the petition to suit my needs, I would also do that.

Does that answer your question?

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Yes, I believe I understand.

This is kind of a nit picky question, but with Belial and legal proceedings, does Belial act specifically when there’s an active court case, or can he influence situations where legal aspects are at play, but not in the court room?

For example, my ex and I have a custody agreement that I’d like to have changed more in my favor for the kids protection, but there is no ongoing litigation currently. Can Belial still influence that arrangement? Or would he only be useful if/when the matter of custody goes before a judge again?

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I’ve heard of him influencing things that are ongoing in the legal department. That doesn’t mean that he could influence things to cause something that may result in another look, but I couldn’t speak about how that would play out. Honestly, any of the Deities listed could work with that (together, if asked to and they agree that something needs to be done).

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Okay, great. I will work on drafting a petition that can incorporate all three to cover all of my bases.


She is the first that came to mind also


Lilith and also Thee Morrigan is another

I am sorry to hear. During this covid-19 shit — domestic violence/problems and suicide rates have increased because of the implications.

To evoke Hecate, she does not always require for you to go to cross roads but they’re primarily a recommendation for any work to do with her.

You can pave your own cross road or see if there is any in a park or forest. There are many Enns, mantras and Hymns dedicated to Hecate. She is powerful, responds quickly and is very guiding and WATCHFUL.

Pour a cup of red wine, even a small cup of olive oil too — light some incense and chant away, like I said, Hecate is extremely responsive. Ask for protection and vengeance that is required.

Of course not. I believe as if Hecate will be there to respond each time, especially during particularly serious matters. No matter child should feel unsafe. Especially towards their own parent.


Thank you for this, I live in a populated area, so I’ll have to wait until late at night to find a crossroads.

Pray to The Archangel Michael @ the abusive father part

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