How to draw blood from your own arm?

Hi guys,

I need to draw blood from my own arm. Tonight i’m casting some blood magick spells. It’s full moon according to the lunar calendar.

I have sterile insulin needles from my body building endeavors :sweat_smile:

I was thinking on strapping a belt on my left arm and look for popped up veins. Any more tips?


You could buy a blood drawing tool online and I think at some medical stores?

If not- there’s always cutting…?


So much work. I just throw a cut on my left hand if need be, usually the pinky so the cut isn’t too big of a pain in the ass


Insulin needles are too small to get a decent amount of blood from veins. It won’t work.
Yes, cutting will do the job :slight_smile:

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Man up, get a razor, open your palm CAREFULLY. Syringes can mess you up, popped veins aren’t cool.

Pic is from a ritual to Astaroth I did recently.


Pinky finger of the left hand always works well, a little bit goes a long way.

This thread will now derail into a palm reading thread :wink:


Dont tempt me…



What do you mean with popped veins?
Why are they a hassle? Too much blood?

I don’t know how much blood magic you’ve done, and I don’t pretend even have a clue what your level of expertise is. And I will tell you, with blood magic, less truly is more. You don’t have to bleed pints in order to get a desired outcome unless you signed an agreement to give over that much blood to whatever deity you’re trying to work with. You don’t have to slash your wrists open, a simple drop of blood from the tip of your finger is more than sufficient for most deals.


I don’t have much in the way of offers of temptation… I can put a carrot on a stick but that’s about it on my end lol. Curious about palmreading though, feel free to send any relevant info my way if you feel like it


Yeah I just need 6 drops blood. Not much, and I thought an insulin needle would be able to draw enough. I’ll try the cutting method

Rubbing alcohol to sterilize, I was a cutter for a long time, I consider myself an expert at ritual self destruction. Use new, unopened lancets, they work wonders and they are available everywhere on the cheap.


Why don’t you just cut yourself with a knife? That’s way more easy and that’s how I do when I want to offer some blood to entities. And for me it’s painless almost.

Blood lancets like these are my favourite.

If I don’t have any I’ll use a simple needle after I sterilize it. If non…then scissor, knife, you can cut yourself even with a rock or glass (I don’t recommend those last two :joy:)



I have some traumas from the past about cutting with a knife :sweat_smile: Strangely enough I like the needles more lol.

It just stings a bit, but knifes / razor blades give me a horrible feeling. And I don’t think that’s good when casting spells? I mean you’re putting emotions / thoughts in it.


Unless you are offering the sacrifice of your pain to the spirit, drawing blood painlessly is a perfectly legitimate method without causing damage to yourself.


Knife needs some skill and isn’t exactly the safest option in altered states of consciousness. With lancet you get fairly small amount of blood (usually enough) but there’s no danger of accidentally bleeding yourself dry if you make a stupid mistake.


I second this, whenever you are in an altered state, sometimes you do some strange shit.



Do I need to do protection rituals/ banishments?
I don’t have any items. I’m at my parents house, it’s 9 PM and they live at the edge of a big forest.

I wanted to walk to the edge of the forest and just walk a few meters into the forest. It’s getting dark outside :smiley:

Or should I do it at 00:00 PM ? Midnight?

I don’t know if I have some negative entities attached to me, does it matter? They can watch if they want :joy:

I know your comment was addressed to someone else, but you should consider smudging yourself with sage before you begin your ritual. That way, no negative entities are attached to you whenever you begin your ritual, and they won’t be able to corrupt it whenever you start.