How to do domination with bend over oil NON-ROMANTIC?

I am trying to put a domination spell on this target that is interfering with my reputation/gossiping and overall being very mean spirited towards me and rude in a restaurant that I frequent. I tried complaining to other workers there but he’s just feeding them
Lies about me shamelessly and portrays me in negative light. Any ideas on what to do?? He almost screamed me the other day for going to the damn bathroom and is trying to spin it as “she’s a prostitute fishing for men and distracting people” which is NOT true at all and I’m pretty sure he knows it lol. And I don’t want to get bullied out of there so to speak which is something he’s trying to do.

I have his photo and names.

Call on Lilith for that.

Sadly she isn’t being responsive to me lately…

I’d use my goto poppet binding to get him to stop stealing against me.

I haven’t tried it on coworkers before but I’m about to this weekend so I’m rooting for you too.


Beleth, Sitri and Gremory might as well come in handy

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Andras has joyously helped me before with sowing discord and distrust to a person and their circle of friends and family in a somewhat similar situation.
The spell was easy enough, if you smoke that is. Only thing you really need is a cigarette. I think the eagerness of Andras to be included did most of the empowering, though.

Other things I love trying in these situations is experimenting with various things to see how they play out. In this case I would probably try things like mind influence/ control, attraction magick (with more baneful intent, it adds a delightful swirl of confusion to disputes you can use to your advantage). Or if I can figure out what the imbalance is that makes him act out so weirdly and intense. To poke and prod at that bit of ego bloating to see if I can make him wobble and fall down psychologically. Hopefully with a full audience present.

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