How to discipline yourself with succubus

I have a couple succubi who are around me 24/7, when I get the slightest bit turned on they are able to take it to the max and I don’t have much of a chance to stop myself , it really is hard to focus on anything but sexual stuff currently , any suggestions

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Give that energy a better use. Gamaliel can beat the crap out of Golachab.

I don’t understand the second sentence

Read books about the qliphoth, that will help you understand those energies better.


Is there a specific book you’d recommend on the subject?


“Qabalah, Qlipoth and Goetic Magic” by Thomas Karlsson, “Tree of Qliphoth” by Asenath Mason and “Nightside of Eden” by Kenneth Grant (this one explains the tunnels)

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Man I wish I had your problem. Seriously. I’m trying to bring my relationships to the next level but i’m still stuck with feeling some Muscle twitches and tingles in my face…

What a luxury problem to have.

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It’s not a luxury anymore , I know what you’re thinking , the more sexual interaction the better , well I can’t focus on anything , they can almost control me , and I’m using a lot of life force energy because they won’t do it in moderation , yes it is pleasurable but not once it’s excessive

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Well tell them they can visit me if they want and you are okay with it :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t know if my own succubi companions are ok with that though…

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I think you just need to open your astral senses, if you have weak senses you’re not gonna feel much , and I would send a few honestly but they’re obsessed with me alone according to them , succubi Just get infatuated with their partner so just work with the ones you got

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:rofl: that’s awesome! I hope you can figure things out with your succubi. I can understand how you feel but not by the influence of a succubus let alone multiple.

I constantly think of what people can do in bed.
(no I’m not a pervert just dirty minded), I wonder if they are doing it for a reason, other than to tease you.

They are just fuckin obsessed with me man, lol it has its pros and cons

This is rather common in the “first wave” and the first phase. The best way is to go through with it. Learn the physics and mechanics of the sexual energies these spirits manifest before you. When your body and mind adjust to this, you will learn to focus on your connection with them through your head- and crown chakra.

If you ever felt like you have an invisible hat or winters cap on your head and the feeling of invisible hands caressing your hair, that’s where you will find your focus and control of the situation. Close your eyes and lean against the energy on your head area. The more focus you give to the main source of interaction, the more you will feel their touches on other parts of your body.

When you focused on the energies on your head area, their touches will most likely move to your shoulders, your back and your waist. After a while you could possibly also feel more of their physical manifestation behind you, similar to feeling a thin line of clothes moving close to your legs.

If you want more control, you should focus on the reason you can feel their touches in the first place. That means your head chakra and all the spots there, not only your crown chakra.


Thanks for that , but I’ve been wit them for 9 months , would still consider that within the first wave

Yeah, that’s why I gave you something to work with when passing that first wave. You will learn by the experience in itself, too, but you also have to allow yourself to familiarize with their presence. Sure, it might be inappropriate at times, but that’s how most humans behave in their first wave of falling in love, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had this problem too, would not stop playing with me sexually. Any thought about my body or casual even slightly sexual content would set it off. Location didn’t matter, would do it at work, babysitting children etc. I now ignore it when I don’t want to engage. At first constantly being edged all the time was annoying and left me either zoned out in a light trance all the time, or angry at the constant teasing.

Then I learned I don’t have to release any time I am aroused, I don’t even have to engage if circumstances are bad or I’m not in the mood. I just don’t acknowledge or build on the touch and it usually stops or lessens. My root chakra is basically always stimulated like I’m wearing a weak pair of vibrating panties. Sometimes the touch will increase to tease or distract. It took a while but I can control my reactions now. Though I understand this can be very difficult for men, especially younger ones.


Spiritual bdsm and submission?


Pretty much me getting mentally and even physically raped , am I enjoying it ? Yes,
Is it getting in the way too much of other aspects of life? Yes aswell

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Difficulty level : extremely hard , I don’t really have a choice when my balls are so blue I cant do anything but lay down again for more, never ending battle until I lose

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Why are you calling it a “battle” and a “battle” you’re “losing”? It’s all about discipline and focusing on the other aspects of our succubus. Change the topic from giving in to sex to emotional affection. Lean against her and think of her hugging you, and she will quickly respond to that wish of closeness. Tell her how much you love her, and she will put her hand on your heart as a response that she loves you too.

There are many people longing for someone to be close to, and to get the attention they think they deserve, yet when that comes true and they get what they asked for, it becomes too much to handle. That equation doesn’t make sense. :man_shrugging:

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