How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things

Demonic entities can exhibit a full range of emotions including those that would trigger you to banish them in the above example. It’s not a criteria that I would ever use to identify an imposter.


I don’t think vibrations is a good way to tell an imposter since vibrations aren’t black and white like that. Anyone and anything can learn to change their vibrations at will, vibrations don’t tell real from imposter.


What about when entities move or control animals to get your attention… Can thoughtforms also do that?.. For example a spider lingering next to your ritual space for a while… Seeing a moth at your door at the same spot for like a lot of days… Or a black raven constantly passing in front of you everyday that you notice it… With its uniqueness being the only kind of it… I have had these experiences… Can thoughtforma do this?

I only write from what I know. But bear in mind that when I use the term “thoughtform” in this piece I am referring to things unintentionally created. Such things have no power to do anything. I intentionally did not address the topic of egregores or intentionally created thoughtforms which is another topic altogether.


I believe I’ve been having that problem as well, with either imposters or thoughtforms I’ve unknowingly created. Mostly when I tried to start opening up my astral senses to better communicate and feel the spirit that has been with me for a long time. I wasn’t able to tell what was her, and can’t telepathically communicate with her or see (3rd eye) her, just feel her and sense her energy. Now I’m getting alot of things that I know aren’t her, or am 85% sure…

They aren’t as strong as her energy, although they can feel close to sorta physical. However I feel them even when I don’t feel her presence around (clue 1), they can’t seem to prove they are her through physical means, by interacting with the physical world in some way (clue 2), and I wouldn’t say they even have a presence feel to them, least nothing like her. So I’ve been struggling to connect with her and get rid of them lol. Although in all seriousness it’s a pain.

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The one time, i knew it was her, her energy was REALLY strong, I left my bedroom because it made me uncomfortable. Her energy feels very dark to me, and there also was a strong female scent in my room, well specifically when I walked through my bedroom door, and got into bed. Also her “touches” are way stronger then these pesky beings I’m dealing with now, I’d actually say her touch is to STRONG for me…versus them where it’s like annoyance but not very strong in terms of that type of feeling, even if I do feel them sorta physical.

You need to learn a banishing ritual and master it. You are picking up on whatever astral flotsam isjust floating around. This is what gets people into trouble with magic


They might be the reason I’m constantly feeling sick as well. And tired all the time. I’ve been trying but I also have to work on putting my will into the banishing, as currently I haven’t been able to rid through a banishing nor protection I’ve been trying.

So I think I have an attached spirit it’s seems like a real spirit not a thought form I’ve felt like I’ve been low on energy for a long time and that my aura was smaller. Today I did a journey for my power animal and another of the spirits animals that showed up tried o link 3rd eyes via light it didn’t really take but I was able o ocus on what I was trying to tell me and my inner voice changes to “your not alone” now a few hours ago while meditating with a pretty learn mind just not forming much energy I notice sonthin happen that occured alot o times in the past it seems like what I was imagining energy wise would physically be grabbed and taken behind me. I did some energy work trying to picture the Divine energy around me as crystals in the room and was making them flash it was somewhat vivid but I could o ly picture them on the sides of the room not infrot of me that stayed jet black I felt like I had did some damage to the creature and tried picturing myself absorb the crystals but they appeared a little different then I vividly see a arm reach out from behind me and grab the crystal I pictured. The arm was skinny like a skeleton who was never disturbed still bearly wrapped with old flesh. After that I spent more time trying o weaken the spirit and beating it up in my minds eye but it kept coming back in a not so vivid imagination picture of it it had like 4 arms and a crazy body so many bones everywhere not making since and it’s head had no eyes in the sockets but it did have big triangle like ears like a cat and it’s head was somewhat shapes that way besides it didn’t have a feline nose and I didn’t see any teeth. I know I hurt it when I pictured spitting in its face into it’s sockets and eye balls forming when I then imeadietly stabbed then out I could feel that it hurt it. I tried to ask what it’s name is but yea I’ve only Hurd the succubus I’ve been with the last 45 days or so 1 time so it’s safe to say I can’t hear shit after shooting it with my intended holy lighting and spitting acid on it with my mind I tried to cast it away but instantly it’s image re appeared burrowing ino my back. Besides sage what should I do I’m very new to magic. I think it’s probably been with me a long time most likely attaching to me when I was being tormented by government mind control that uses technology. It had me sucidal so I can see why somthing would want to come feed off my dispare. I should be getting sage soon but any other advice would be helpful I haven’t formally done an evocation yet and asked ant spirit for help. So yea advice please and if anyone wants to scan me to try to see if they can figure it out please do. No one noticed it at all last month during scans but tonight it definitely showed to me it was there. How do I get rid of it. Befor I noticed it while laying in the dark with eyes open I noticed alot of things moving all around me and touching my face I though they were most likely draining energy when I seen them it was with my physical eyes not my minds sight. I also thought I seen humanoid being walk into the room and look around other stuff ran away it had a sword it looked like but I couldn’t see it to well didn’t do enough time staring into the mirror lately to get clear enough sight of them in the physical.

There’s a channel on youtube called Huff Paranormal where the guy keep being told all the time that he’s the chosen one and and God and the Archangel Michael and even Jesus himself goes hang out with him now and then…

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Ah, the spirit box guy. I truly feel bad for him.

Any good RHP entities beyond the archangels that are good for burning away imposters/parasites?

Any godform, really. Take your pick.

Do you think maybe you could give a few examples on ways to verify the spirit is who they say they are? I don’t really hear or see spirits besides a voice in my head, and I only hear one of the three I speak to. I guess I’m unsure of what could be a good way to verify they are really them when I have some pretty underdeveloped seer skills

“Thirdly, purity of mind is important before beginning the work. I don’t mean saintliness here. What I mean is a clear intention rooted in getting something done and also a clear focus on the nature and essence of what that spirit is. This is what preparatory immersion is for and it is where the connection to the spirit really begins. Without it, you are liable to get anything standing in your temple. Garbage in = garbage out.”

Well struck!

I have made this mistake. An experience with Gremori fixed it. The magick starts much earlier than the ritual. With me often weeks before. In the old days- purification and preparatory immersion assumed much more importance. Corwin Hargrove deals with this in a couple of his books.

I’ve been guilty of getting emotionally charged regarding a specific operation and commencing wayyy to quickly. I now ask myself, is this something I’m willing to patiently work for. If the answer is yes, it begins. Funny thing is, it often feels like the magick’s working during this phase even though I’m literally weeks away from actually performing the ritual.

It does. If you do it right, it builds an emotional expectation of success that goes right to the core and gets the machinery working. That expectation isn’t something you can fake or pay lip service to.

I don’t understand the idea of imposter spirits. It all sounds like fantasy to me.
The world is silent. I get nothing. Perhaps I’m not giving my fantasies enough energy to become egregores.


That’s the point impostor spirits are fantasy, thoughtforms created by practitioners and “normies” but there’s also impostors who aren’t thoughtforms but entities who want to use a person by claiming it’s someone it’s not.

The claims of being attacked by Yahweh for leaving christianity is one example of imposter/thoughtform(s)

I personally have not dealt with thoughtforms or impostors the former due to a mental ward and the latter due to being able to scan.

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You beat me to it

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Oh, okay.
Doofus me didn’t communicate all my thoughts clearly though. I was trying to add that I’ve never been able to contact anything, legit or not. So it’s all confusing to me. I guess the imposters aren’t interested!
Last night I was dreaming about ghosts and stuff (that’s what I get for reading this forum before bed), and I thought something was attacking me … turns out it was one of cats who likes to go after my feet at night, lol.
A few weeks ago I was woken up by a weird chittering sound that was moving around the room — I thought, finally, a paranormal experience! It turned out to be a cockroach the cats were playing with, hahaha.
I’ve never had my pets react to anything that could be classed as supernatural during my entire life, so I guess nothing is around me to begin with.

My pets don’t react to my spiritual happenings either but entities do show up so you never know lol

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