How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things

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This is at least my concept. A spirit will cause more than just a shadow of a warm and fuzzy feeling. It will ingrain itself in such a way that it’s almost like DNA to you. Now whether or not it is an impostor spirit, that’s a different thing. It may not necessarily be an impostor spirit exactly, but more likely to be a subordinate spirit of a far greater spirit or entity. Just as there are ranks in the human world, there are ranks in the astral and infernal realms.

Ranks are specific to the groups/pantheons, and not every entity has subordinates, an impostor spirit can lie and claim it’s the being or connected to it, but just asking is all some can do, but it’s also why it’s best to actually know how to read energy before trying to play house with external forces, getting to know energies, tracing energies, etc. A subordinate you should be able to scan and trace the energy back to say the infernal because most if not all demons in the infernal share the same dark elemental energy just various “flavors”

Impostors aren’t rare but they’re not too common, but you’re more likely to run into thoughtform impostors within the astral plane due to it being a mental plane. However, not many know how to enter the etheric/spiritual so entities will try and use the astral for better contact.


Maybe I’m missing something here (I probably am), but I can’t figure out how to test my incubus when I have all the psychic ability of a rock.
If I’m getting absolutely nothing from “spirit conjures” I purchased, do I assume I was jipped? Or just that I’m not open enough and I need to keep trying? If it is a thoughtform — either sent that way or the fiction created by myself believing I received something — and I keep feeding it attention, will anything manifest? Or does feeding the attention eventually help the connection with the legit entity? I’m so freakin’ confused. It seems like all I’ve done is waste time and money, and I’m just becoming hopeless about contact with entities or even gods and demons. Like I keep wondering, should I just focus on known deities and forget the conjures. Maybe practicing invocation and pathworking will help me develop.

You are. You are missing the fact that this is directed at people who are building skills at evocation. Those skills include the development of astral senses. In the interim, you are left with two ways to determine if the spirit is real. The first way is to give it a task. Did it succeed or not? The other way is to use a method of divination such as a pendulum. The information communicated is either accurate or not


You could do divination as well, or use him to work on your senses if it’s legitimate or not after you can find out if it’s a legitimate entity/what it was said to be, a impostor, or a thoughtform.

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So, all this in mind, is it possible for a thought form to touch you the way a spirit can?

A thoughtform can influence your senses through access to your mind, while a spirit can influence your senses through actual spiritual touch. Thoughtforms touch only works within the astral/mental plane while a spirit can travel to the astral, to the energetic physical, and their home be it etheric plane or elsewhere.


Ok so if I feel a physical touch it is from a REAL spirit?

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Before getting into any kind of working with a entity it’s best to get a good foundation of sensing energy and programming shielding so you can create a shield that keeps out thoughtforms without permission.

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Is that a yes or a no?

It’s a no.

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Damn this is incredibly useful!

unwanted spirits tend to bear down on me and occupy a corner of the room, spirits that i welcome almost always appear near a doorway or window and invite me outside. my familiars have their own behaviors to let me know that they are present. good thread very informative.

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