How to destroy buildings with magic?

So I want to destroy a very famous building in my city that’s basically the face of my city. It’s a major city with 2 million inhabitants, the reason I want to do it is to test out my magical power and see how much damage I can do. Though I don’t want to hurt any people through it, preferably the building gets destroyed at night while no one is inside.


It’s unlikely there is never anyone inside: buildings like that have night security and janitors, and sometimes tech support staff that maintain the computer networks 24x7 to meet uptime SLAs (service level agreements).

I would suggest trying the techniques on something with less vested interest from so many people keeping it manifest first. All humans are magickal, and organizations are egregores that they invest in, and large building this important has practically a million mages low-key keeping it going with spirit help. You are not just working on the building you are working against all those beings too.

You will probably need to raise a ridiculous amount of energy, ally with entities, maybe also the egregores of any organizations that are against the building for some reason. You are starting an astral war so up protections against backlash as well. I would suggest Andras, but he will take, not ask, what he wants as his offerings and you might not like what he wants and if you stop it he cancels the whole deal.