How To Destroy an enemy,Magicians Or someone who has hurt you


-Day And Hour of Saturn,Draw a black hexagram and on each corner draw the sign of saturn

  • Write the Name of the person,or place his/her picture in the middle of the hexagram. Use dog’s poo,Any insect and apply it on the person picture or names

-Have a black tiny cloth with the sign of Saturn on i and 4 black candles

-Focus on what type of destruction you clearly want, set you candles on

-Begin to draw mentally black energy of destruction from the entire universe and pouring into the hexagram. While drawing the black energy vibrate MATHREM (MMMMAAAATHHHHRRRRREEEEEMMMMMM) Until you can see flashes of darkness around the hexagram. You inhale ,hold air into your lungs while drawing the black energy of destruction,when you pouring it into the Hexagram vibrate MATHREM
-When it is done and can see flashes of darkness around, Vibrate these word : UBELUTUSI KADUKULITI KEBUTZI 4 Times. These words takes away anyone s power of protection,any form of protection they may have

-Then proceed in dissolving them and make them useless by Vibrating: LEAY YLI ZIARITE ZELOHABE NEGORAMY ZIEN LATEBAM DAMA MECHA RAMETI OZIRA, 4times

-Now Begin to destroy them By Vibrating these Words: ABULL BAA…ARDUSI-DALUSI. ADUS-BAACHUR-ARBU-ULU. ( You will feel terror,but dont worry about it )

-wrap the hexagram on the Black cloth and say: ORUM BOLECTU UBAJOM. 4 times.

You can repeat it for 4 days during the hour of saturn and on the last day go burry it on the cemetery.

3 people have been killed so far in,less than 3 days and I have destroyed so many people with it. So I don’t know how to undo this ritual And Do it as long you sure that person needs to be punished.


Do i need to pronounce those words properly?

Just try your best to read it in englih dear