How to Design Any Spell or Ritual (Beginner and Intermediate)

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Any spell that is performed by you for yourself is inherently more powerful than one done by a fellow magician. As talented or as compassionate as the magician may be, they don’t give a fuck about your life as much as you do. Fucks given directly converts to manifestation.

I’ll also go as far as to say any spell designed by you is more powerful. When you create something, such as when you make art, your subconscious is communicating the patterns it picked up on in reality. When you actually put it all together and cast the spell, you already know its going to work and how it will work on some level.

Themes AKA Intent

First question, what’re you trying to do? Love spell? Curse? Protection? Whatever it is, it’s going to be related to a theme. This is like a writing prompt in any creative writing class. In fact, you’ll use the brainstorming step most essays use.

  1. Express your intent with a single word.
  2. Write down things relating to that intent. Colors, emotions, types of music, anything that the key word brings to mind.
  3. Imagine what your life is like once the spell has fully manifested. Where are you? What are you feeling, seeing, and doing? Be as descriptive as possible.


As above, so below. If the heavens themselves resonate with the energy you call on, it gives more power to the spell.

There are seven classical planets. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each has a specific day of the week along with a whole bunch of other correspondences. If you’re looking for love or want artistic inspiration work with Venus on a Friday. If you’re doing a Banishing, work with Saturn on Saturdays.

This playlist contains more information on each planet as well as basic astrology.

Remember, none of is absolutely needed, but it will help you in working around a theme.


Looking further into correspondence and vibration, you’ll need to understand what certain colors mean in the occult.

This could simply be the color of the candle you use, or even the clothes you wear during ritual if you don’t use a single set of robes for everything.

Then, if you’re using incense or gemstones, they have their own correspondences as well. They usually have an element and a planet. Some sources might disagree is to what goes where, so I’ll let you research that on your own time.


How many candles do you need? How many verses should be in the chants? How many times should I chant the mantra?

The answer is in numerology. Just like colors and planets, numbers are a symbolic representation of a higher concept. Always ask yourself how many and why? Did you go overboard or is there not enough?

Other Symbols

If you’re working with sigil magic or if you’re trying to figure out how to arrange objects on an alter table, you should look into sacred geometry.

And to a larger extent, look up alchemy and all the medieval art works associated with it. Figure out how you can encode your chants, sigils, tools, and movements to the same degree of subtly

What direction should the alter face

This is related more to element correspondence. If I’m working an act of divination, I face west and Things related to money or law has me facing north, ect.

Sphere workings and evocations

The theme of your intent will likely fit into the theme of one of the 7 planets. The planets correlate to a sphere in the tree of life or the qlippoth. During the ritual you might want to invoke the powers of that sphere, as well as evoke a deity who specializes in what you’re doing.

Sympathetic Magic

We’re moving away from the abstract symbolism and moving towards things that represent the result more directly. Love spells may require you have a photo or the name of the one desired. Money spells might need some actual dollar bills and coins. Death spells would have you mix a pocket knife with the victim’s DNA, or have you stabbing a picture, voodoo doll, or some type of proxy.

Chants and mantras

Incantations in the simplest form are verbal statements of intent. They can be as complex and artistic as you want them to be. But I’d advice you not overdo it just to fill time. Every line and every word needs to have a purpose for being there.

Use positive statements. Example “I have control over my body” as opposed to “I will stop smoking”. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but it will make it easier to remember.

Mantras are using short phrases that are repeated with a rhythm to build up energy for the spell.

If you use one, the other, or both, remember to vibrate everything you say. Visualize energy mixing with the soundwaves right before they exit your lips.


When you project energy, try to visualize it as a color that matches the theme of the working. Money spells should manipulate green energy. Spells for travel and speeding things up use orange, and so on.

Throughout the ritual, you should have the end goal in the beginning vividly running in your mind.

Letting Go, Lust of Result, and Success

Here’s the crucial detail that most people screw up. The spell already worked. Period. When you cast the spell, all your anxiety and stress about the outcome should have been converted to energy and used up in the spell. If you’re checking on the outcome every day, you’re still holding that energy, which is also holding back your spell.

Put it out of your mind. Work on the next magical project. Assume it succeeded and move on.


That’s what I’ve gotten together so far. Let me know if I’ve missed anything and I’ll be sure to add it in. Excuse grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m tired but felt like I really needed to have this up.


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