How to deal with faeries?

If one was being targeted by faeries, to cause life problems, how can they be dealt with? How to get rid of them?



Offerings of milk and honey along with a request to kindly chill the fuck out?


offerings are not good if you want to get rid of them :joy: they will want to be with you more :joy: my experience​:joy: i was targeted by 2 faeries after my offering came 8 more :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I mean, why get rid of them if you can get 'em to work for you? :smiley:


oooo i understand now :joy: that is true !! :joy:


Right now they’re making me so annoyed that the only offering I’d give them is my boot up their backsides. The only use I have for them is to give my enemies hell.

Do I need to speak to their queen? Is it like working with Jinn?


I would set boundaries with them, or call a meeting, that way all are aware of what is expected while in your space or request that they be in your space only if called upon or during certain times of the day. I also suggest you always be respectful.


Send them to me if they’re ok with it, I love this kind of spirit.
Tell them they’re welcome anytime :slight_smile:

I never worked with Faeries before. Would be great !


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yaaay they are great ! :star_struck:


Wonderful ! Can’t wait to work with them. I contacted Nymphs before and they were such a pleasant experience. Hope they accept. If not I’ll call them myself after some research :grinning:


Make an attack servitor. Once it eats a couple of them the rest should get the idea to leave well enough alone.


Not that easy to pass them along. They were sent by an enemy to cause me problems. Just gave them a heck of a telling off and they’ve been told to get on their way after being reminded of their place. No idea if that approach works with malevolent nature spirits, but I work with a certain entity sometimes so she should be able to help if they’re persistent.


Love, a huge fan of it. No, seriously. It is amazing.

  1. I would ask for help from archangel Michael, he can open doors/secure them, and protect when asked, if you want to do so lovingly I suggest also asking Archangel Raphiel and Chamuel to be present.

  2. If you own land, I would suggest that you create a garden or fairy house for them so that they feel welcome, send positive loving energy to them; they won’t understand why you’re being so kind; depending on the type of fairy you’re dealing with. In time they might even begin to help you, it is a slower process, but can be rewarding.

  3. Return to sender spell which includes the fae. If you can get the name or know the name of the person who sent them, it is much easier to do this.

  4. Banishing spells are also effective, but can have a backlash and the entities or fae kind may not want to work with you after.


Just do a banishing ritual. Could you try out something for me since you’re currently having this kind of problem? Try to use iron/smoke, either should work, to get them away. I’m asking if you could try this because I’ve yet to confirm that it actually works.


Thanks, all.

I actually made an offering of a slice of pizza to the fairies after reading a Harry Dresden(Jim Butcher) book, thinking it a joke.
I was on a bike ride and stopped mid ride to grab a bite to eat. Couldnt finish my meal so I took a slice with me. Didn’t feel like carrying it in my little bikebag, so I stopped at a roadside park when my bluetooth went out. I left the pizza on a table, offering it to the fairies as a gift.
A short time later, i found an almost brand new set of expensive bluetooth earthones lying on the ground directly along my path.
I love fairies lol.


Offering them things my wife (who’s a fae) trips me all the time it’s called fae walking I believe it’s in there nature to cause mischief


Faeries? A citronella candle and a flyswatter. Maybe flypaper? :slight_smile: