How to curse/take down a website?

There’s a horrible website out there that I want to take down. I can’t type what they talk about in fear of breaking the rules, but it’s absolutely vile. Is there a deity, demon or even servitor who can take down websites?

If this involved illegal activity you could call the police office.

After that, websites only stay up as long as the hosts are paid for, or if the building with the servers in it can keep the lights on.

I’ve been experimenting with a new servitor called Amos that attacks organizations, particularly parasitic ones. He has the chain breaking attitude of Belial, the strikes of man of Tamiel, Glasya-labolas and Dra’talon, the skills to destroy of Samael, healing for when needed from Marbas, a pinch of chaos from Andras if something unpredictable is needed, and I’m in conversation with the Jinn about participating.
Call him by name, “Amos, son of Tannar’iel, Sword of Azazel, destroyer of the unjust, I ask you to do everything in your power to remove the drivers of this website and disable them from maintaining it.”
Something like that.

You could also call some of those entities separately, particularly Samael, Belial, Glasya-labolas.


Is amos ready to serve or is he still in development? And I guess to summon him I would say “come to me amos”?

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Yes, the way you normally summon is file. He’s ready. I didn’t make him a sigil but I probably will soon.

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