How to curse protected psycho?

I’m new. I’m experienced but, this is my only untouchable. She made death threats. She has a tattoo that I couldn’t touch before I knew about it. Help. She’s not a powerful witch. Probably not a witch. My spells vanish. The chains I imagine bounce off or break.


Sounds like it’s your own mind playing against you in this. If she has a tattoo and hasn’t enchanted it then it’s just a tattoo. I cursed a guy with a Ganesha tattoo and didn’t have issues (heck his God even took my side)

Maybe try destroying her protection ask a storm or destruction God for this.


Which God? I didn’t know about the tattoo. My spells weren’t working. Just vanishing and repelling.


Any God who rules over either storms or destruction. Thor for example

Do you know which Archangel she has tattooed?


No. I just need any protection breaker.

Michael is the one. Also, I’m Alise. 30. Spiritual. Magic since 9. Grey. I enjoy energy magic. Only struggle with protected people.

Call Belial. He can help with removing any obstacles.

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I invoked Thor and Belial and made an amulet. How do I destroy protection?

Welcome @Al_D Please properly introduce yourself. It is a rule of this forum. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tells us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have, such as what you practice, how long you have ptacticed, areas of interest, etc:


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I did tell about myself what was comfortable. Please stop asking.

You didn’t, actually. You said you practice “spiritual magick,” which doesn’t tell us anything at all abouit your experience since all magick fits that description, and you threw “energy magick,” onto the end, again with no further details.

I have asked you only once, so far, and it is a requirement of this forum for a proper introduction,


Sorry. Someone else did and I wrote a more thorough intro in the thread. Please look. Thanks.

Welcome. Where do you come from?

Have you tried a binding spell before doing your workings?

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I always do that and I was born in Texas but, moved early to California so, sound Californian.

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In my opinion, you might want to start with protection spells. Even if you do successfully curse this person, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work right away. In the meantime, you should use your magick to protect yourself should this psycho try anything. Just please be careful.

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