How to Create Your Own Gods?

I don’t believe this is an area that most people have thought about exploring, the immediate idea that most people remember in relation to this is the generation of thought-forms, servitors, and egregores.

The purpose of this thread is to put a ping out in the community to see if there are more resources on this topic than I am aware of.

The purpose of asking this question is to find a way to generate your own spirits that are as powerful if not more powerful than the Gods and spirits that we call on.

The benefit of doing this is the opportunity to create Gods that are more obedient to our will and more willing to use all of the energy at its disposal.

The reason why I think this is possible is because there shouldn’t be a difference between the spirits we create “artificially” and the spirits that are just “out there”.


No spirit is just “out there”, all things are created.

And yes, it is possible. No real resources out there anymore on this however.

But if you want people who have done it and the results thereof, look up Xa Turing, Fotamecus, and if you want more examples PM me and I’ll tell you.

I should elaborate that by “all things are created”, I don’t mean created by humans, I just mean created.


I would think that you could because if one is trying to become a living God you are altering your non physical bodies so you will retain your awareness when you die. So why couldn’t you fortify the body of a being you create out of your own energy

Arguably once one has become Self-realised (removed the illusory separation oif the underlying Source and the individual self) all gods and all life-froms are doing this anyone - conducting one’s own chosen psycho-drama.

So rather than looking from the outside in (so to speak) at a metahphorical shop window full of gods, seeking one that will both have more power than the incarnate self, and yet also be willing to submit their will entirely to your, focus on getting into the store yourself and being the person who oversees the display. :+1:

The Kybalion PDF, archived link will give you pointers on getting to what lies “back of, and beneath” the whole damned shop! :smiley:

In a purely on-topic reply, the advice to read up Fotamecus, Xa-Turing etc is excellent, and also this thread and the threads linked to it: Creating A "Cabinet Of Invisible Counselors".


I think it may be possible. I say this, because I remember a month or so ago I had a dream about a god telling me that he was created by humans. It was really strange, because mainly the fact that he also said he’s from a different timeline - future. :thinking:

Weird stuff, but all in all I believe it’s possible for that particular experience of mine. :sweat_smile:


And this, my immortal friend, is exactly wrong.
A Ofspring is related to it’s source, isn’t it?
So a God, who’s been praised and revered by more generations than our current counting even reveals,
propably woun’t be taken down by a God created by a todays magician.

  • Don’t get me wrong, i encourage the creation of personal deitys, and also the establishment of them as publically known and revered gods, demons, angels, etc.
    Just giving you a hint to the limitations it may have.
    That being said, the best way to go about it, would be creating a fictional enviourment, including creation myth and filling it with both objects as well as inhabitants.
    the more you delve into it, the more it will develope.
    Most likely you’ll find similaritys to existing creatures and beings during or after the work.
    Most likely you’ll also be supported by many great Gods and Demons for your work, as it’ll be pretty difficult to succeed without their cooperation. :wink:


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Interesting, that matches quite a few insight’s i had aswell.
Can you describe that God / reveal a name?
I’d be very interested.
PM me, if you consider the information un-elegtable for public views.



Yahweh the Demiurgic Worm has been feasting on more thought energy than any other spirit in human history, yet Nyx or Amaterasu would 10000% gob-stomp him if you compared their power.

Spirits don’t just get their energy from human thought or emotion alone.


Well said, brother.

I truly believe that gods and entities power, intelligences, and so forth are based on their age as anything else. As we reincarnate over and over to mature the soul in order to leave this place indefinitely, as we grow we increase our power. I think the same goes for all entities. As well they are strengthened by us, the creators and our thoughts. But mass thoughts. In my opinion creating an actual god isnt possible


I wish I could remember more, but I remember only so little of that dream. I’m just surprised I can even somewhat remember it, TBH. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I believe he’s not really smart enough to know how to correctly use that energy to grow. He just only knows to continuously feed off the poor souls, who put their full faith into him, and doesn’t do anything else with that energy.

He probably wastes all his energy trying to trick people in the first place, instead of using it to grow, lol.

(Just thinking out loud here. :sweat_smile:)


If a god knows what they’re doing and has support, they can surely flourish then? :thinking::thinking:

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Did that entity give you a name?

That being said, it isn’t a stretch to manipulate these forces ourselves to empower the spirits we intend to create. That way, they don’t draw on bio-emotional energy, but the infinite energy provided from the cosmos itself. The power of any spirit depends on how much of that spirit we are willing to see.

The nature of any spirit is infinite, yet spirits themselves are created and given the force of materiality whenever we contact them because the forces they represent send an interface with us that we are willing to work with.

So, spirits are infinite in nature, yet they are readily created. It is simply energy coming from energy, just like the energy that we give off. The mask, body, that you see is created specifically to work with you, so you are the one who decides what to call on and what you see.

The illusion is that when we create energy, we treat it as something less than the other Gods that are seen as more powerful. That’s because we limit those servitors by assuming it has to come from simple bio-emotional energy or regular thought energy.

When spirits say that you have all the power that you need, it’s because the forces that the spirits gain their essence from are already within you. You create the body of the spirit by drawing on it from the forces within you.

The point is that the process of creating any spirit is simply energy coming from other energy, and that the kind of energy which you obtain depends on how you go about the process. If you are able to control these very forces, then there’s no reason to assume that you yourself are limited in the amount of energy you are able to pour into your spirits.

Velotak for one has managed to create spirits on par with Hindu Gods. That’s at least what he told me.

The rest above are my contemplations based on what I’ve read so far from people’s experiences.

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I feel as though they were simply saying what i have always believed. That by our thought, particularly in a mass means, has created many entities. Funny how entities are correspondingly labled with specific skill whether it be love, chaos, water, death, etc… which in themselves are all vibrations. If you and myself are capable by divine right to create a servitor fir example, how would entire civilization’s all believing in an entity they made up. That thought form would manifest right?

Was Aphrodite manifested from the void, or by the very vibrations of love, along with a name given to her by the entire Greek civilisation? :thinking:.

Now in the vast universe, i personally believe in extra terrestrials, whom which likely are older and have the same access to the source that we do. In essence, we mayyy not have created these gods, but those other life forms very well could have, and us young humanoids have tappes into the very gods they had created.

So i agree with the entity who gave you this information. I still dont think 1 person can create a god.


In my humble opinion it is possible to create our own gods. BTW all gods where once created by man himself. To me in the beginning gods were an attempt to control life forces and maybe they kinda got out of control and started demanding from us. It is not so different from servitors. I’m not saying gods aren’t real per se, but the image we have from them were created and shaped along history. Those forces we call gods have no real shapes nor names, they are raw elemental forces and the only way to approach them is through some sort of interface. I’m working on something similar, I’m creating a god to help me in a specific task, some could say this is just a servitor, to me it is just semantics.


Creating a god to me has to do with evoking some specif forces into a vessel. First, you have to know exactly what forces you intend to evoke (to manifest). Second an appropriate vessel in correspondence with such forces. Then the most important part is to built a bridge in order that such forces cross the abyss and enter the vessel. This is the trickiest part because it’s up only to you, your mind does the job. From this point ahead you need to feed the god with appropriate food…

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I remember to have read about creating and then empowering thoughtforms/servitors, to the point of “transforming” them into gods.
Also, personally I’m considering to do just so; maybe a complete/generic one or various, each one with his nature and sphere.


I know how to create a spirit though but not godform, however in god time and with enough tasks being done on your behalf after the command has been given for it to evolve into god/godess, the sprit may assume a god form. Even familliars can be become ridiculously powerful with time and enough tasks given to them pretty assuming a near god quaility about them.
Without further ado here’s how you create a spirit from what I’ve been able to gather, you can use the Universal circle or the Trinity of Triangles as was recommended in a BALG newsletter by S.Ben Qyain and it’s this authors method I am going to put on here so be sure to give him all the credit:

"1. Be clear in what it is you wish to accomplish. Know your goal without question.

  1. Visualize how the egregore will take form. What does it look like ?

  2. List the abilities the entity will possess. What functions does it need to perform ?

  3. Name it accordingly with the task it is to fulfill. The name should be unique and personal.

  4. Create a magical circle and triangle of arte, may I suggest using the Trinity of Triangles (Found within, “The Black Book of Azathoth”);

  5. Call forth the entity (use your own specific evocation), visualize it forming within the Trinity of Triangles (or the universal circle?).

The more you call forth and work with the egregore, the more powerful it becomes. At first begin with small tasks you assign for it to accomplish, then build up from there. A months’ time is perfect for the full realization of the created entity. I suggest creating it and calling it forth on the new moon. And, as the moon gains in power night after night, so will the strength and tangibility of the egregore as the black magician continues to work with it."

To facilitate this whole process you can use blood, menstrual fluid, a bowl of water of even fire as base for it’s form as much at these elements are gateways they are also “altars”, vessels of power which we can draw energy to shape and bend the reality according to our will. Think about it, you can project yourself into the flame into other worlds, to other beings, etc, as well as pull things out from the ether through this gateways as well, if the ether is more or less spritual essence which we more or less draw from all the time, then that means we can use that same thing which all sprits as well as us use to manifest either themselves or whatever we desire, with this idea in mind we can use that energy to form something else, like a new spirit perhaps?


If this is a project you will work on, I would love to help. I am great at the theoretical stuff and very open to any beliefs, so I can incorporate useful things unbiased. For example of you create it almost like a psychic vampire, you can allow it to take energy from thoughts or prayers to it. Or just take whatever it wants.