How to Create an Entity (Tutorial)

It is said that God (or source energy) created man in its own image and I believe this but I’ll tell you something here, man has also created god (or spirit) in his own image as well. We are indeed powerful like our creator, which is why man is always trying to strive for perfection and make life easier for himself in the process. Maybe this is why man has always been obsessed with machines for he will never be perfect, but machines run in accordance with these desires that he himself cannot achieve except through these created devices.

It is also a natural progression for the magician to emulate the source energy and push his consciousness out to not only meet it, but create from it as well with the supreme life-force and manufacture his own spirits. The spirits that litter the pages of many magical books are simply blueprints for our own energy to bring them alive, they can however become a great source of power to the magician, just like the machine can be to the techno-geek!

I know many magicians would argue and say that all spirits are natural outside forces, but in my experience around 80% are manufactured and only around 20% are part of the natural world. The vast majority are extensions or created images injected with energy to help them come alive. Whether or not you believe this makes no difference to the magicians work for they will both operate in the same way and are just as capable as each other. I know though that many magical people would love to belief that they are dealing with super natural beings and at times, we do but more often than not in my honest opinion, the egregore is the most common spiritual entity in the magical arts.

The egregore as its known is an entity with specific personality traits and skills to accomplish various tasks set by its creator. It is a thought form, which is given life and direction through ideas and trends installed into it. With this in mind, what now follows is a clear example of how to produce this phenomena known as the egregore. Take care in your entities creation though and don’t give it an uncontrollable personality as it could quite possibly be to your detriment, you have been warned!!!

The first thing to do is decide on exactly what you want to achieve with your entity. Think very carefully and don’t rush this vital stage, as every section and stage I give you here must be documented in detail. This prepares your thoughts well and helps to transfer them into their first manifestation onto paper to get the best possible results

(you can also type this into a word doc in office if you prefer, but the advantages of creating a beautiful hand written account are far more rewarding through the energy transfer alone. This as you can imagine is somewhat lost through a digital interface like a computer keyboard > it is your choice however and both methods work but there’s something very special about the written word as far as I’m concerned)

So describe exactly what it is you want in total detail. I must emphasise and add to this very important point once again; you must not rush any of the stages in the creation and ‘feeding’ of your entity. You must only partake in it when you feel like it and not just do it for the sake of it as every time you show attention to this manufactured ghost, you are indeed placing energy into it so please make sure you give it the right attention.

Once this is achieved, you need to write down the role you want your entity to play. This could mean him / her / or ‘it’ teaching you various skills or knowledge, you may wish him to influence someone or perform various tasks. The entity needs to have their personality formed so you need to write down in your document the entire nature of this spirit. Make sure once again that you don’t miss anything out, take your time, as the effort invested here will be well worth it when it has been created exactly to your liking and needs.

Next you need to design or create an appearance for your entity. It is vital here that this image should fit and be congruent with its role as all must be in alignment and appealing to you. So spend some quality time now fabricating an appearance which is pleasing and fitting to its nature before moving on to the formation of its name.

The name can be creatively composed by writing down the entities major characteristics and manipulating this into a condensed form. One way of doing this is to cross out all repeating letters and make up a name with the remainder. You can of course add another letter here and there to creatively link these characteristics in to obtain a pronounceable name. The name must also suggest the nature of the entity so this may take a fair bit of time to get it right and as already mentioned above, it must be appealing to you.

How you compose the name must, as always be documented and so must the entities image in every detail. The creating and writing down of details is a magical rite in itself as this is how your energy becomes condensed into the initial physical matter it will later be, a complete blue-print of the magicians ideas and intentions prepared, and ready to be cast into a reality. Once your spirit has been conceived and birthed, the repeating of the name will bring it through very quickly as it contains its entire essence, which is embedded of course in the name.

Whilst on the subject of doing this, it will also pay you to write a few sentences on how you will contact it once it’s been birthed. As an example, I have three ways of contact with my own egregore > I can evoke her just like you would with other spirits, I can lure her to me with a candle and whispered conjurations and if ever I need to get her in times of emergency, I can bring her straight into my mind through a certain procedure I do that allows me to speak to her internally for help. So think about this carefully as what you commit to here cannot be changed at a later date. All this of cause depends on what you want the entity to do for you. My own is a dark sorceress who can do powerful magic as a proxy acting on my behalf, so I had to have these three methods of contact installed for my own benefit.

An entity that has been carefully created to this level is a disembodiment of thought forms, ideas and trends. It can be very hard to deal with and control in this condition because it has no point of contact. To earth its characteristics and allow it to affect outcomes, we need to give it a physical body, a place where it can reside in when not in use. This will be the housing of the entity that will also act as a point of focus for the magician to establish communication and to form a rapport. This home can be anything you want as long as it resembles the nature of the entity, or the desires you wish to manifest. It can be purchased such as a statue or it could even be a plant. The best ones are constructed by the magician as you place your thoughts and feelings into it as you create it. The house of spirit must be appealing and attractive to you or it will not be alluring to the entity. As with all magical practices, the more time, care and energy you place into these initial stages, the more powerful will be the result. The magician is advised to use his symbolic knowledge of life and magic here to prepare the housing well.

Now that the entity has a place of abode, a point of contact if you like, we need to be able to instigate this contact anytime in the future. The best method of doing this is through a seal or signature to represent the qualities of your desire and the nature of your entity. This once again is constructed through your own knowledge; just make sure it represents all the characteristics mentioned in a simple symbolic form. It can then be attached to your house of spirit to serve as a symbolic link to your desire, and the action required. A powerful way of doing this is to use the same letters that you used to form the name, but form them instead into a sigil or character. This allows just as the name did, the qualities and intentions to be condensed down into a symbolic representation, which is understood at all levels of communication.

You also need to plan the spirit’s time of existence it will be used for. Here you must document how long you will need the entity for, which will of cause depend on its task it was created for. Do you wish the entity to only operate at specific times of the month or in certain ways after various actions have took place, as in a stimulus that will trigger off the entities behaviour? All these details if necessary must be recorded here to make sure you know exactly what you want and what to expect. The life span of the entity is also conceived here and therefore its demise as well, so compose a suitable way you will dissolve it after its task is complete. Your manufactured spirit may be used for more than one intention and you may therefore want it to last for months, years or maybe a lifetime!

For entities to exist and move within their sphere they need to be fed. It will initially feed off energy that was placed into it through the build-up of its structure and that initial attention you gave it as the document was made. This is one form of your personal energy. Speaking to the entity like a good friend or giving it gifts can also charge it with cosmic energy. Life-force is naturally created within us when we stimulate our senses emotionally through singing, dancing, sexual acts, or even engaging in passionate pursuits.

You could build-up love and sexual thoughts inside your mind and transmit this to the entity. Energy given in this way could be seen as coloured light generating inside before transferring it across into the housing, or symbol of the entity. The coloured light simply acts as a means to focus and transfer this power from you onto the object in question through the act of a dry climax. On the contrary however, the wet climax can be used to your advantage just like that famous ritual from many years ago called ‘The Star Sapphire’ > this is where you make love or masturbate with the thoughts of your intentions in mind and at that precise moment of climax, you direct your entire thoughts onto the desire. The charged sexual fluids can then be used here as an offering to your entity.

It is so important here to mention the fact that energy that is given under burden, or in any undesirable way will not be accepted by the spiritual force. Energy must be given graciously, you must find ways that you enjoy as it must never become a chore or the energy will get blocked. Energy can also be given through an outside source, which takes the emphasis off you having to personally attend to it daily. The entity must be given regular levels of food or it will simply become inactive like a fallen God that was once worshipped but no longer lavished with respect and attention.

Another common way of giving energy by the magician is to state that it can feed off candles, as these are a natural source of light. Anything that creates movement and life such as people’s thoughts, desires or anything organic can be used. These sources are necessary whenever you can’t be there to regularly feed it yourself, so the entity can be instructed to take its food from some designated outside source. Surprising enough, spirits can feed off electricity supplies so feel free to incorporate this if so inclined. I once kept an entity in an old lava lamp and when it was switched on, the entity could feed off this. I also loved looking at this at night which added greatly to the effect so get creative and really go to town on this just like you have on all the rest of the proceeding stages.

(Before moving on here I would include at least one personal method of feeding besides the outside forces as this keeps your thoughts, and therefore your own personal energy linked with it)

Having got this far with your creation it is time to give your entity life and unleash it to do its job. This can be designed however you want based on your own ideas and level of knowledge. The housing can be placed on the altar along with another copy of the entities seal and if you wish, a candle/s in honour of the entity (Royal lights) along with other candles for illumination if so wished. I would use the same procedure as I do for evoking demons. After the initial consecrations however, I would do something similar as follows.

The symbol is firstly made magical and charged by initially flashing it, then gazing upon it and imagining your wishes happening. See yourself doing that which you want, or already having and enjoying your desires. (you can also think about these things instead with emotion if you don’t want to visualise, although doing one will to tend to activate the other).

As this happens, let coloured light that represents this energy you are building up full your entire being. Become absorbed within this visualisation for a while before seeing the image of your entity in your mind intermingling with this light. Now take a deep breath and slowly blow on the housing letting the coloured energy come out of you into the physical embodiment of the entity…The breath here being highly symbolic of giving life.

Light the altar candle/s and say a prayer here that is based on what you want the entity to do and how you want it to behave. It should also contain all the terms and conditions of its time of existence until that time comes where it shall return to the place of its birth within you, and cease no more.

As previously mentioned and just to reiterate one more time. How you construct your entity and the rites used to give it life must all be wrote down and fully explained. This allows both you and the entity to know exactly what you are doing and what’s expected of the pair of you. It magically links up the structure so no confusion or misunderstanding takes place, as there can be no gaps in any of the fabrication.

The more advanced will understand this and simply create a rite to fulfil the above criteria; However, if anyone here is truly stuck for ideas then please PM me as I’ve got time (or will make time) for anyone here wishing to learn who follows the LHP with a genuine interest in these matters.

Maybe now you will see why it’s so important to take your time and not rush any of the construction, and to put the right energy into the making of your faithful servant as a badly created entity will not give you what you want and even worst still, it could cause a lot of problems for you once its fully charged so take heed.

The advantages of the above far outweigh the usual method that many others employ. A typical scenario would involve the magician looking through the pages of some Grimiore when he has a problem, or desires to achieve something and then finding a spirit to fulfil that task. This is perfectly acceptable and I’ve used this myself but you never get much of a chance to built a great rapport like this, not to mention the fact that others have also used (and abused) this same energy source so you are potentially using something that may not be to your liking, or indeed help you in ways you’re expecting.

This entire procedure however not only allows you to tailor make your own entity to your exacting standards, it also powerfully embeds your problems or desire into the entity, because your initial motive was to create it for a specific task which was based on some firm ideas, so as you can now understand > the making of a personal egregore can severely raise the likely outcome in your favour, simply because of all the time and effort i[/i] you have placed into its construction.

You can make them for anything and evoke or invoke them just like you would with any other spirit. They can teach you whatever you need to know and open up entire opportunities for you no matter what your intentions are, the only restrictions they have are through your own imagination so there you go, a look behind the curtain into a big piece of magical practice, a natural extension of the magician and his work with the entity, or the egregore.


Great post. Bookmarked.


How interesting that you would post this. I am in the process of creating one of my own so it was neat to read how others are going about this although, I am doing mine a bit differently though. The cultivation stage of this energy requires much more focus and planning on my part than the method you have described here for various reasons which I am unable to discuss with anyone else. But it’s always fun to read how others are going about this.