How To Create A Powerful Servitor

The Artificial Beings Series

This first instalment discusses the nature and various kinds of artificial beings such as thought-forms, servitors, egregores and godforms.

How To Create A Servitor

In the second instalment I give a in-depth and very thorough walkthrough and guide on how you can create a powerful servitor.

I hope you enjoy and this guide and overview serves you well, infernal blessings to you all.


Thank you. Dropped at the perfect time


Excellent to hear :relieved:


I concur!

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also while we’re here, can you suggest how best to approach using the antiversal seal in servitor creation? I’ve seen people reference it as being very effective for this, but I’m not sure how one would go about applying it in that specific way?


Awesome tutorial, I.really liked the idea of using an anagram of the statement of intend to name the servitor.

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Just when I’m starting to learn about servitors. This came just right in time.


The method in the video is most intriguing. I’ve watched it a couple of times.

Some components are familiar to me from other servitor creation approaches, but some aspects are quite new.

I have a couple of questions:

-Can you clarify why grain alcohol (other than flammability)? Also, what would a suitable substitute be?

-Does it matter if the triangle is imperfect?

-How would the two mantras look phonetically (I find it much easier to learn them this way than to try to make out the form of them auditorily)?

-For the programming sigil, is there an equally effective alternative to burning it? I could potentially draw it very small, like on a piece of paper maybe 2-3 centimetres at most. Any flame bigger than a candle would likely set off the building sensors.

Apologies for all the questions, just keen to try this out and would like to get it as right as I can given limitations of circumstance

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Any flammable alcohol will do the trick, personally I believe the symmetry of the triangle is important as I’m a firm believer in sacred geometry and that attention to detail goes a long way, but just try you’re best.

The mantra is as follows




Burn the sigil however you choose too, the reasoning behind the flammable liquid, is it produces a bigger and longer lasting flame, this of course creates a very decent source of energy.


Many thank, thats greatly appreciated