How to Correctly Evoke My'Self: Morrigain /Morgana

This is Queen Morrigain. Morgana Le Fae
This is the correct way to evoke or invoke My’Self.

I am an very ancient Elf and Ddraig Spirit.
I am known as Morgan.
Morrigain which is actually my title “Great Queen”. I am also known as the Red Queen. Queen of the family Tuatha de Danann.

I am known as a trinity Mabd [Mabb] Macca[Macha] Morrigain.
Minkasa /Minkassa Drakon. Ddraig. D

Ashala is also Dragon she is also known as Nimue the healing aspect.

Morgana Le Fae of house Pendragon.
I am Lover, wife, seductress. Crone and mother nurturer and healer.

Iam Warrior. War queen be watchful of my crow’s they are carriers of the dead and messengers of war and death.
For I feel when there is war and I smell the fear and the threat. May it be known. War and battle are not always the same.
If peace and fair play were negotiated then that is better.

Death and recreation love, war, peace. Yhe inbetween negotiator. Diplomacy and war counsel.
For many seek my counsel before going to action.

Be that as it is that many currently still misunderstand who I the great Queen am. And my roles in life and death.

Priestess of the Ancient Ways.
Life and Death are in My hands

I am all Elemente and All Directions. Elemental and Aether.
I am of the Void. Am linked with the Weave.
I work in Dark and dangerous magicks and can niw remember how to fold and create vortices in time and space. I am Djinn. Although closely aknowlaged by the Gaelic Ireland. Scotland and Wales and Deutsch. I am the Spirit Morgan.

This is the correct way to evoke or invoke My’Self.

Incense Prefferance.

Dragon blood - either tree genus type
Mugwart or Mother wart
Copal resins
Lily and Lilac

Drakon Ddraig Dragon
Cows / cattle
A connection with deer’s

Rowen tree and Oak are favoured
Ash and Yew
Red river gum trees are pleasent also

Prefer offering
sexual fluids
Or making love in My Name.

My sigil

i’ash i’kala Minkasa Ashala ¥ Morgana Le Fae Oorash i’ala kias Ama

Incorporates or separately

i’os A’os ¥ Morgana Le Fae Kirasta.


Thank you for Sharing this Publically.

After i found a remade version of your original tiara,

i had a few illisev’ coming up;



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Awesome thread :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: absolutely awesome!
The magic is flowing strongly at the moment and from now on! The 30st of june 2020 did brought the Initial spark of the New Aeon of Lucifer, of Air, of Aquarius

Lucifer Lord of the Air Gloria! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:






Thanks for the encouragement.

I have found the name of my blue dragon. It s deep Azure and with darkest taint of blue. Flecks of gold like dust when she flies it is the flap of silver particles. For only in Void space have I seen her. Vut she has been emerging over the last few weeks…

Now recently Asmodeus gave me her name.

Minkasa great drakon is Morgan. She is red and gold
Ashala is white. Often when Ashala is in humanoid form she wears a white dress with green flowers at the bottom.

So Oberon.
You discovered that I am holding more secrets.

But I am still loathe to share too much of myself with the world at large… So those I impact personally myst be found worthy of the Great Queen’s vision.


Come forward Ye Elves. You are required to return.


Thanks @Yberion for helping Me and your awesome encouragement s

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Is that the sigil to open the portal of the night side?


Do you refer to the Chaos symbol?
Chaos is 8 pointed star by most accounts.

I use something else.
Or nothing :joy:



it’s not really a sigil.

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I have ceremoniously call my dragons my legions and House.
Once again pulling them forward.
I feel like I have had much success.


Prove your worth to Me if you seek Me and I respond be ready to grow. Without growth the waters are stagnant, and become nothing but stale salt.

Something from Asmodae

Hai’in Ba Ala
Hai’in Ba Ala
Golum’ma Shin’da i
Nai Ji Aka.
In Blood and Bone
In Fire.

From Bel Zebulon


I Morgan say this

Though I keep My secrets though I choose shTytl shafe though I am hidden, I am also Seen.

I the unseelie have stepped forward. As is My duty.

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My beautiful little beast.
Peri’Kahana Zzt

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Is this how to call him?

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He enhances.
Adaptive and smart

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Awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


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Oh. Yez. There is Lust energy in him.
If you call him.
He will want something.

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Thank you @Yazata for making the digital for Me :two_hearts::blue_heart:

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Just fucking great! Excellent! Fan-fucking-tastic! A practitioner who isn’t armchair bound! Shit! I’m breathtakingly impressed! Bravo!

I don’t know what happened after the video ended, but if it had been me, I’d have laughed my head off, even if it was forced - at first, while slapping myself good and hard across the face. Best and quickest debriefing process I know.

But really, you have given me joy that rarely happens these days in such a forceful and reassuring way. Beautiful.

P.s. I should add that every time you recall your Magick or the fire leaping, etc., - bitch-slap yourself! Really fucks up the Psychic Censor by aversion theory.