How To Close Gates and Portals From unnecessary Spirits and energies

There People who are looking to close their spiritual gates on their home and place of rest and that is understandable,many spirits come and pass by opened gates like universal sigils,who are sigils not specific to a spirit but for groups of spirits,spirits can pass through mirrors and gems around your home and they can cause poltairgast activity or even do things that are not meant to,See what i mean?unnecessary chaos.

What Are Gates and Portals?

Gates are matrixes of power and energy of a specific realm or group swrilling together making a vortex that is connected to that Realm.Now this is short description from what a portal truly is,i will cover on another post about how to make spiritual links to realms.

The Whole point on this work is closing the link and devouring the portals or banishing them but first we have to weakened it after we close the link.

and you can keep certain gates for certain spirits that you like and want to have like in my case a portal for all void spirits and that of the infernal empire that i work with will be open.this can be altered by simple intent in the meditation before the ritual.

Ritual Work To Close Spiritual Portals And Gates

After you setted intention before the ritual begins the energy around you will begin to change it will make sort of a path and a road for the work to be succesful.

Theres many ways to start for different scenarios.

Case One - Portals That you know where they are located

Gates that you know where located like in that mirror or infront of you,into this room into that corner etc.

You will stare Into that portal there you will see it with your spiritual and energetic sight ,see the energy is swrilling see and feel it say.

“With The Power of my inner living god that is me i demand,existence to close the links of the gate that is front of me,to be banished and cleansed from my place of rest and retreat”

as you say this feel the gate losing energy feel the gate sinking into it self,see gate losing it self so much that it is just pure energy that is a simple link to the energetic worlds see that gate losing itself more after its just pure energy you can simply cleanse it in your way of cleansing or use this simple Mantra,Incantacion of cleansing.


Case Two & Three. - Closing Portals That You dont Know Where they are located & Inner

Since you dont know where they are located you will have to focus on the inner gates,if you have inner gates well this can work for you.

Sit and meditate on yourself,feel the inner unnecessary chaotic activity caused by random Spirits set your intent to See the inner portals within this can be feelings in your chakras,different memories spontenous spiritual feelings like tinglings etc locate them focus on them and now see yourself as a big immortal sphere of energy see the portals that are not you as seperate spheres,observe the points being weaked and lost untill they are pure energy so you can drain them completly,you can aslo ignore them which really makes huge difference in such a short time its incredible.

Now the inner unnecessary Portals are closed,you can sense the externals with simple intent there you will do the same draining weaking technique after that simply forget them and ingnore them for further drainage and weaking you can aslo vamp and devour them further more.

There many ways for this,i can share others if you ask.




How you open it from the first place

That’s all good, but the real question here is how do you keep them open.

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Hiya! To keep portals open, you can feed them with offerings of candlelight and coffee, those are near-universal, and to make it more volatile you’d include red and black pepper in the coffee, to cool it down you’d replace it with a glass of cool water. If you want to make it ‘stick’, try offering honey or sugar, and if you’re trying to filter certain sorts out of it, charge some salt you use to surround the portal with the energy of the being(s) to not be affected. If you’re trying to ground it, dirt and rice are good tools! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer.

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