How to Break a Curse

I am hoping someone has some good advice for a friend of mine on how to break a curse. I don’t work for others as a rule. I would say definitely there is some type of curse at work in his life. His home is affected, his health, work, relationships, you name it. When visiting his home, there is a very heavy feeling, ominous feeling which makes people uncomfortable to the point that they leave. I feel it too. What sucks is he is a very nice person, and we cannot figure out why this is happening to him, and it’s been going on for around 10 years he says. I just want to advise him on what he should do. His home seems haunted by some malevolent entity or entities. He gets the sleep paralysis, and nightmares, and it causes him to be fearful which just isn’t his personality. Can’t identify what type of entity is doing this. Please help if you can. Thanks!

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Also he cannot think of any occasion where he may have angered anyone who would be capable of doing this thru dark magick.???

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Ok so 10 years ago is a long time, I don’t feel this is personal in any way. It feels like someone is draining him of all his possibilities, hard to explain. Everything good supposed to happen to him as a result of his actions could be syphoned off prior to him receiving them or something like his life essence and physical body are in 2 seperate places.

Any significant experience you can think of that happened 10 years ago no matter how small a detail that you can think off?

Psychic reading, magickal friends, playing with the dark arts etc

No, nothing that he can remember. He doesn’t do any kind of magick, that’s what is puzzling, and I’ve never known anyone who doesn’t like him.

What comes to my mind more than anything is maybe he has a secret enemy, someone who is jealous of him, because in the past he had been financially successful and things were going very well for him in all areas. Maybe he knew a dark magician without being aware? It would take alot of time, skill, determination, tenacity etc to curse someone like this. Unreal

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He can remove the negative energies surrounding him, maybe he can give it a try
Ask him whether he had a crazy ex or a jealous relative

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It may not be him but the house he is in. Has he tried basic sage smudging and getting some protection work done.

Can he move to a different house?

It sounds like a family member or perhaps a former romantic partner that he broke off the relationship with, people do become jealous and even a brief relationship is broken they feel you have effected their life especially if you have become successful.

Many are secretive about there magical practice and very few will disclose there knowledge especially for baneful work or hexes for revenge.

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Not an ex gf or anything like that. I’m thinking it may be the house.

And he has some antiques that were left by former home owner that he will not let go of. We have gone thru all the possible scenarios, no angry ex girlfriends, but the jealousy factor is what sticks up in my mind the most. I did tarot for him and all the cards that point to a curse came up, did it a second time, same cards came up.

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What type of nightmares what does he see, what do the visions entail. Besides the nightmares and strange feeling’s of dread have any of these things happened?

Items disappearing or moving mysteriously.

Hearing strange voices.

Unexplained illnesses.

Technology being blocked or malfunctioning.

Strange odors or scents around you.

Sometimes strange burn marks.

house could be haunted. =o) make friends with them. j/k . REALLY , it could be the feng shui of the house that cause him to have bad luck. Layman’s term geomancy or energy of the home attracting bad mojo to person. Especially if you trigger the negative 5,2 stars which can cause all the things you mentioned. His bedroom could be having bad energy. Energy cycles in person’s home.

Do other family member in home have same problem?

No he lives alone. I told him to purchase some large pieces of black tourmaline and place them around his home where he feels most affected, and to keep some on him. The feng shui thing is a great idea, didn’t enter my mind. I will check his home with compass and see where he’s at. Thanks!

Items are disappearing or moving, but unexplained illnesses, yes. Voices, no. He did say he always feels like he’s being watched.

Wow, that is deep lol. Only psychic readings he’s had were from me. I did one, and the way the cards came up def point to a curse of some kind, second time I did it, same cards came up. He swears he has never been involved with anything like that, and I’m the only person he knows that’s into that kind of thing. I obviously dont have it in for him, so my hands are tied here. I won’t get too involved because I do have a family to think of. Maybe I feel for him because I went thru something similar. It’s possible he is keeping something from me, but I doubt it.

Anyways, thanks.

multiple personality? if things are disappearing and he’s the only guy there. He’s watching himself.

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That was a typo, things aren’t disappearing or moving. I don’t think it’s that because everyone who has visited feels the same eyes on them thing, and a looming presence. The thought crossed my mind that it may be mental illness…some of it, but really he didn’t start mentally deteriorating until the last few years or so. Mainly it’s a fear thing that comes over him, and he is depressed now, but he says it’s because he can’t find a solution. Its a mystery to me, but I can’t do much for him.

Try breaking it down. Remember the question: “How do you eat a whale?”

“One bite at a time”.

I would recommend starting with something positive. I’ve personally found ‘The Sword Banishing’ from the book Magickal Protection by Damon Brand to be very effective. It’s quick and easy to learn and can be done in seconds. You’ve done enough thinking and worrying for now. It’s time to act.:grinning: