Curse Removal

One has to worry on a constant basis of sheilding and protection from juju or negative energy being sent to you in regards to Magicians. I apologise if this was already posted 100 times over it’s very probable as far as subjects but I will start with my craft.

Voodoo Ritual for Absorbing a curse

There is a ritual to Papa Legba to absorb any and all negative energy going towards the magician.
You will need 1 Lemon
A container of salt.
A knife.
Papa Legbas veve
The Nerve to do the ritual.

1.Start off with drawing Papa Legbas veve. Call him into your ritual space and allow him to possess you.
2.Take the lemon and the knife. Cut the Lemon into quarters (4 pieces).
Ask Papa Legba to come and take whatever Negative energy that was brought to you in a Curse,Hex Etc. and direct the negative energy be put into the lemons.
3. Smother the lemon quarters in salt and ask Papa Legba that the Salt purify and trap the Negative energy into the lemons.
4. Place the lemons in a place where they will not be disturbed nor preferably found.
5. Wait 3 days.
6. On the 3rd day come back to your lemons and see if they are deteriorated or destroyed. (A good example of this would be seen here.The result of my curse removal with Legba - #7 by Trilby.

Anyone else wanna add to this helpful go to guide for curse removals. Any system is welcome to contribute. Especially for the newer crowds :skull::ghost:


I’d suggest adding Curse removal to your title, tons of generic shielding and protection both here and outside of this forum. Curse removal is unique in itself and will be more helpful when searching :wink:


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Topic bump, anyone want to add their curse removals?

I’m just chiming in about one thing. The part that involves allowing Papa Legba to possess you. If you are truely horsing a spirit you may not be able to do this ritual because he will be in charge. I would never, ever recommend trying a possession ritual alone. You need someone to interact and assist the spirit and take care of him. You also need someone to help make sure the horse stays safe. This can be the same person. You need someone that can help bring you out of a deep possession. If you are just calling on him, but not really getting possessed then the ritual should work fine. Honestly I would not attempt possession by any of the ATR spirits without the supervision of an initiated practioner. Some traditions will tell you it’s not even possible to horse unless you are initiated ( not my personal belief or experience).


Possession is a gradient though, it’s not all or nothing, and I think in the context of macgick, as distinct from religion, partial possession is still very strong (dates back to the PGM, invoking a spirit into the self while retaining the self) and effective. It’s not less “true” than giving up complete control

Maybe in a religious ritual, full possession would indeed require these precautions, but probably less so in magick. :thinking:


I would agree with you, but not necessarily if you are calling Papa Legba. He is a Vodoun Lwa. If you call him and ask him to possess you, he could possess you all the way. It’s what he is used to doing. He would simply think that’s what you were allowing him to do. There are many degrees of possession from a light shadowing to a full blown one, but you never know which one will happen especially with spirits of the ATR. If you call them you should have someone with you. The horse has no control over how light or how deep the possession will be.

I’m a very experienced horse. I’ve been ridden many times by many different spirits. Even with that experience I’d never call on any of the ATR spirits and ask them to possess me if I didn’t have someone there to bring me back if necessary.


Fair enough but several of us on here have done that with other Lwa, there are several posts about this dating back years, also I am going to guess including the OP who wrote this out. :thinking:

I think this is more about a difference of approach, not necessarily that the Lwa are always going to react in the same way?

I doubt @Voodooking just plucked this out of his ass ('scuse my crudeness), so it seems that we have different people with different experiences here. Your profiles mentions you’re initiated in Palo Bryumba, so perhaps that’s opened channels that lead the Lwa to see they can go for full possession, or conversely, perhaps as black magicians some of us have stronger barriers that make taking possession not the easiest thing to do (or maybe a mix of all the aboce! :smiley: ).

But that doesn’t mean it’s all they’ll do with everyone, if you see what I mean. And they do seem willing, even keen, to also work outside the traditional methods, without in any way demeaning or abandoning those very specific routes to contact.

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Oh I completely agree you can work with the Lea outside a traditional system. I also agree an experienced magician could probably work with most spirits “safely” (especially if experienced with banishing and evocation). Maybe I misunderstood the original post. I thought this was a question from a beginner. I have worked with many of the Lwa and I am not initiated into Vodoun, so I know it’s possible. My point is that you should not ask a spirit to possess you if you are alone and have no idea what you are doing.

The original post is not a question. It’s a method, and if you feel the need to do the ritual to banish whatever negative energy from yourself then great,
And my point with possesion is that working with the voudan pantheon traditionally or even experimentally possesion is the path of least resistance within the voodoo system.
Is it risky? Depends on the magician.
Does everybody do it. I dont know.
Is vodoun for everybody, NO
This is a thread for a method of curse removals. Not a question.


@Voodooking I apologize. I just read your profile. You have much more experience than I with the Lwa than I do. I appreciate your contribution and suggestions for removing curses. I should have paid more attention before I commented. Again my apologies.

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