How to "bond" with a Demon

I want to form a “bond” or friendship with certain Daemon… I am just not so sure how to go about it seeing as I never really have. Does anyone have any tips on how to successfully develop a friendly relationship with a Demon. Thank you.


Since I am new to this that is something that I would like to know to.


i’d suggest starting with finding the sigil of the daemon you’d like to form a bond with and then opening their sigil


Thank you this is helpful :blush:

I’m so glad someone else on here is wondering the same like I want to actually befriend a demon not just ask for things


no problem! it’s the best i can do tbh, i’m a beginner and i was in your position not too long ago as well ;3;


You are appreciated😊 made my night.

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d’aww, well thank you!! :relaxed:


If you really want to ‘bond’ with a demon, ‘bondage’ could be a way… well, submitting to their will, but then again, you gotta be sure in your actions, for if you offer yourself up, only to renege on the offer, they will not like that.


To be honest and somewhat fair, they don’t like slaves on their knees either. Not being snarky at all, it’s just from my experience they like someone with their own backbone.


Hmmmm I’m not sure how I feel about bondage…
Like I’m kind of wishy washy so if I renege that could be hell for me to pay “literally” lol so :no_mouth:


so what else would you suggest then?
What is your advice, as far as bonding" goes
Like what do you think I could do?.

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There’s a difference between submitting and being a complete wet blanket. It’s the difference between a dom-sub dynamic and a man with a blow-up doll.


Start by getting yourself opened up to perceive the spirit on a more intimate level.

Get do know and understand some history and lore about the spirit if there is any. Then if there are any correspondences to the spirit you are aware of memorize what they are.
Then if there is a sigil, symbol, or fetish, figure, or idol or whatever you have that represents the spirit or spirit name memorize it.
Then when you are ready, begin your first evokation of the spirit. When you have made sufficient contact with the spirit and have had some time to converse with the spirit achieved whatever goal or answered whatever question end your ritual with gratitude to the spirit.
Then rinse and repeat.
Then do it again until you run out of shampoo and must purchase another bottle. :expressionless:
After you have had several experiences with the spirit the next step is invokation. This is where you call the spirit into you for what’s known as controlled possession. This is where you become one with the spirit temporarily and when it’s over you take on the attributes of the spirit as well as some personality traits. Kind of like Rogue from the X-men but with a spirit instead of a mutant.
After that and assuming you have spent a decent amount of time without spirit in the astral or just in casual conversation I would say one would be well bonded with that spirit. Hope this helps, Cheers!


It’s a lot like making friends with a human but don’t be an ass. Be respectful and kind essentially and you should have the same thing back.


How have you gone about it so far?

I for one can attest this to be an effective method, depending on the demon of course. Sometimes they will approach of their own accord and offer this option to you.

In the past, I have submitted to a demon in a Dom-sub dynamic. It definitely strengthened the bond quite deeply. Not to mention opened my senses very rapidly. Also, demons in general love to push your boundaries, even more so in a dynamic such as this one. Mentally, emotionally, morally, sometimes physically. You will be taken to what many consider to be, dark and disturbing places. Your identity will even be pushed, and in some cases pieces will be broken down and replaced. They can also shape and mold you. Sort of like a blacksmith forging a sword. I’ve also noticed they become highly protective as well.

I’ve used blood, menstrual blood, sexual fluids, pain(emotional, mental, physical), and food as offerings. When the demon is present, just talk to them. When they visit you, don’t cleanse their energy after they depart. Exhibit intimacy to them: have a conversation, tell them your innermost thoughts that you can’t share with anyone. Form a relationship. Hell, go and visit them in their realm, sometimes they are pleasantly surprised you make the effort to see them.


This sounds like what I should do…
I have already did sigil opening etc
But I just still felt as if I either didn’t do it correctly or maybe I just needed to open my senses more beforehand. Sometimes I feel heat all of a sudden around me when the room is cold and a presence but my eyes just can’t seem to see what I’m seeking which is the presence of a spirit or demon.

I’ve done sigil opening and prayer to a demon and offerings. And I followed through with them all.
But I feel heat randomly on my neck and have like conversation with some entire in my head like while drifting off to sleep and in dreams and I can sense its a presence very near me I’m just not sure if its the demon I summoned before?

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A good way to check whether or not it’s an “imposter spirit” is how their energy feels. Others have them sign a signature of sorts.
You’re on a decent track in all honesty. Continue to meditate with/on the spirit and doing what your doing. Try invoking and evoking and really get to know their personality.