How to become the divine union of Kali and Shiva?

How do we do this? Kali and Shiva unite and then the entire cosmos is destroyed by the power of their orgasm?


sounds kinky


Hey, do you mind!? I’m not done with the cosmos yet!

Pretty sure it’s it’s a metaphor anyway. Not a thing any human can be allowed to bring on before it’s time.

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That’s what the Kundalini force is.

The androgynous state.


I have the impression to have forgot some ideas about the subject: uniting in ourselves masculine and feminine but for sure, one may invoke both Kali and Shiva, maybe more than once and even by possession.
The destruction of cosmos may have to do with microcosm/macrocosm, man as center of the universe… The personal world of someone is recreated and renewed.

found this little snip of knowledge:
She never stepped on Shiva as in the case of popular story. Although, she did dance on him and made love to him. But this case of tongue as a symbol of embarrassment is something very patriarchal. Shiva is Shava , a corpse, without Shakti. So, more correctly, its the Shava of Shiva that is under Kali’s feet. And Kali kindles the consciousness in him. She makes love to him in Viprita Rati posture to let him shed his white seed. She sits on him and teaches him about the world in hope that the hermit will become the householder.

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i thought that Kali basically destroyed the universe, and then she and Shiva had sex one last time (or the first time, i dont know?) and the power of Shiva’s orgasm was so intense it caused his heart to stop and then she stepped on him, as in “i’ve conquered you!” and then that is the end of the universe until the next cycle of manifestation