How to become extremely handsome


I noticed your sharp features, I remember seeing your picture and thinking that you were pretty cute, but you looked like a real intense person.


Well, I don’t know about changing physical appearance but, I can certainly suggest you to work on your Auric fields that extends beyond your physical body.

Ever wondered that some people who are average looking have so much of charm and magnetic qualities that you feel so comfortable chatting with them or being with them and would love to hear them speaking, etc. These are all their Auras in action dominating your Auric field and simply aligning to their will.
Sometimes we try to avoid strangers whom we don’t know because we don’t like them from the first look, not that they are ugly looking but it’s just that we simply hate their presence. This being an example of an incompatible Aura with yours.

Firstly work on your heart chakra, if you suffer from self loathing. It will give you the power to accept yourself. Because Anahata represents Universal Love and acceptance, unconditional love and will make you realise that you and I and everyone on this planet earth are same. It will make you compassionate towards lives regardless of their religion, caste, creed, etc. When Anahata is awakened you can literally feel others pain which will eventually make you more and more compassionate.

Secondly work on your sacral chakra aka. Swadisthina Chakra, is orange in color. This Chakra deals with creativity and attraction/magnetism. It is located just above/near your sex organs. Try to get a feel for it… Work on it but, do not try to activate it with yogic exercises. Enhance your Aura to your likings.
Some examples include : Bright red for inducing lust and sexiness, Orange for warmth, charming, indigo for serenity and simplicity, etc.
Note: all Auric energies are subtle in nature so don’t expect overnight results… It will happen as time goes. Only advanced practitioners who have the capability to see others Auras and manipulate it’s own Auras to match their Auric fields have the power to influence people in a single click… (:
Hope this helps!


I’ve noticed despite what most people say that magick especially Goetic magick influences your face and appearance by nature over time. I suggest taking a look at nathan sharp, brendon urie, and anyone else you know who does magick or implies they do between the lines. I follow a tumblr blog though I can’t recall the name and he has been doing a thread on this and said that his face changed through years of working with magick. If you talk to a demon that specifies in shapeshifting or maybe even transformation they might be able to help you.

But it won’t happen overnight and it will take years. But i’ve noticed that a lot of musicians who (i’m awake) do magick and write it between the lines of their music have great differences in facial features from 6 years apart. It’s hard to explain and you kinda have to know who does what and look at them through the years but in short ya it’s possible if you contact the right person but it won’t happen overnight.


also work on your jawline. trust me it does a shit ton difference :wink:
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anyways always try new things like wearings,hairstyles for example i really wanna try thus cuz i love the shit out of the look (ik it looks edgy and old lol)


Shortcuts will not get you what you want, put in the effort if you want the best end result


you don’t seem to need anything to do,
to look nice yourself :blush:


Thank you :grin:


I’m very interested in learning more about the dreamscape and other realms like that. Also I would love to know more about shapeshifting, would you happen to know any videos on these ? This is a great thread so far


There is a more natural and rewarding method.

Tantra, connect with beautiful females at the highest spiritual level.

Learn and Master In-Jack to become a Man. A woman is born, a man is discovered.

Give yourself fully to Women and their vibration to discover your true potential. This is the highest natural law.