How to be sure that spirits are real

And not a mind product?

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To be fair… You can’t. Of course there are some people who will say otherwise such as energy fields, auras, presence, state of mind etc.

Everything is a product of mind. There is literally nothing that can be said to exist outside of it. Even the other humans you interact without do not exist without your mind’s ability to perceive them.


I don’t personally think that there is a real 100% way to test this, but I can give a few tips to try and narrow it down.

  1. When you manifest the spirit and it takes on it’s form, try to change and alter that form. The more “solid” a spirits form is, the more “real” it tends to be as in; the more set-in-stone its presence is in your current reality.

  2. You could try and have the spirit manifest some sort of change or accomplish some task for you, this again though, doesn’t really solve the problem because the mind can do the same things. It does help in finding “useful” spirits though lol.

  3. Do tons of research on the spirit that you’re working with, might not really answer the age-old question of “real vs. fake” but seeing and hearing about other people having very similar experiences with the same spirit really helps out.

  4. And this is optional… Dive into Chaos Magick for a bit, make your own spirits and then come back. Most of the time people ultimately decide that it doesn’t really matter if a spirit is “real” or “just in your mind”, if they can effect your life and the world around you, that’s as “real” as you need :slight_smile:


I really liked E.A.'s advice in his video the other day to just drop mind. Just stop worrying about it. The more you doubt, the more you block your progress. Just letting go and running with it is the best way.

Although I admit I struggle with this myself. But I’ve had some undeniable experiences that were absolutely real. Like my possession by Lucifer: that was unlike anything I had ever experienced.


If it tells you info that works or especially info that you wouldn’t know without a relevant outside source, than that should answer your question.


What happened with Lucifer?, if you do not mind sharing of course.x

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When you start talking to spirits and other sorcerers who work with spirits,you will realize that spirits are real because they will tell you things that no human could know,including yourself,and the magicians can come into contact with spirits and tell you things only you would know.


They only thing is experience. Most people will walk away at the hearing the word faith. But at the beginning of your path that’s what you need faith that they are real and listen. After experience fills the gap faith was filling up and you know with certainty that exist because you have experience them and their results. But to know or prove beyond all doubt almost impossible. This is an art based on individual experience.

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Absolutely phenomenal experience…I’ll seriously remember it the rest of my life. I’ve been working in some way with spirits and such since I was a kid, but this was the most real experience I’ve ever had. And I was honestly really sad to let him go at the end of it. I’ll be repeating it sometime.

But it definitely improved my relationship with him.

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I love Lucifer. I love his energy, his protective aspect,his guidance and knowledge and his ruthlessness with my enemies. I just full on love Lucifer. Glad you do too and you had a good experience :heart:


I think you should read these.

the world around you is just how your brain perceives the vibrations of this realm imo.

The brain makes your expierences real but how others have said you have undeinable expierences.

It only took me a few weeks to have a few.

Had a demon I made contact come feel me out I guess ? In a SP episode.

I heard a voice and it felt like someone was pulling on my arm and I heard a voice speak to me and I saw a sigil flash

Kinda like how when you gaze at it ? Pieces will disappear and come back ?

Anyway I asked at who it was in a demanding voice because I didnt realize what was happening until I kept hearing them say their name in my head over and over

Really cool expierence, was startled because I didn’t know who it was until the end and then it was too late to speak with it because they left

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