How to banish negativity without banishing demonic entities

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I’m just looking for advice on how to banish negative and harmful energies from a home, without banishing the deities and demons I work with. A lot of protection spells require the use of things which might prevent me from contacting deities like Lilith. I’ve tried the standard salt in the four corners to soak up negative energy, but this has not worked.
The energy here is draining and I’m constantly tired. I also have a Witches bottle. Nothing I have done seems to be working to banish this energy. So how can I protect myself and my home without getting rid of the darker entities I have invited?


You can modify any banishing ritual by stating your intent to banish anything you have not invited in. In doing that, the energies that sweep everything out will leave the entities you have called alone.

You can also use something like a demonic version of the LBRP, that calls upon the 4 Gatekeepers instead of the Archangels.


Who are the four gatekeepers?

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I had a similar concern to yours. I was constantly feeling tired in my house out of know where and this was all happening before I began summoning any entities.

there were already entities sround me thst i did not know whay they were

its one day i noticed I was getting drained and after reading about how negative energy sucking entities do this to people i wanted to stop it. so i tried doinf a type of banishing ritual i found on here it involved standing on the son and earth in your mind.

anyways at the end of this meditation i heard something say i want more! in an angry voice. I shit you not! I had to ask myself loke did that really jusy happen?

after that i wasn’t tired and I started to build an mental force field around me that that i would visualize and reinforce everyday.

I haven’t had any noticeable issues since then. but i know that someone on here can tell you of a way to protect your home


Azazel, Amaymon, Belial, and Abaddon.


also just because they are demonic doesn’t mean they are negative.


I’m constantly wearing a shield. I’m an empath, I have no choice. I don’t think it’s the entities I work with. The negative energy here has been here a while. We reckon it comes from the family who were here before us. For a while we were getting letters addressed to them from the Home Office so…

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oh ok well hopefully someone can help you out

When it comes to the Kabbalistic cross, do I keep that the same or…?

Another option would a floor wash and a cleansing. Jason Miller’s book Protection and Reversal Magick has some good ones that can help clear the house of negative energy. It shouldn’t affect any entities you have invited as long as you keep that intention in mind.

Also check out some Hoodoo materials.

Yes, you would do the Kabbalistic cross as it normally is done.

Check out this thread for a version called the Adverse Star:

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I know it’s a year later but if you think the energy in your home is a problem, Lucifer or Belial can exorcise your home for you.

Intention if it’s to banish negative and harmful energies it wont banish the demons and deities, but given they can just leave and return after it’s not exactly a problem unless they are harming you in which case the ritual will banish them, but if they aren’t it won’t. Besides again, they’re not around people or stay here all day and night.

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This incense is used in order to banish both unwanted humans and spirits. The banishing incense can also be used in connection with more complex cleansing rituals, and can greatly aid in the removal of unwanted and harmful energies and thought forms

Liber Falxifer by N.A-A.218, page 143.

can you corresponde between north south west east. i kearned a LBRO in the name of lucifer in east leviatan in west lilith in north and samael in south, what do you think of this method by jahannum?

Sure, why not? All I can suggest is try it out.

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i mean in your version belial belongs to earth sign and in south what about abadon amymon their element and geografic point. sorry for my bad english

There are many different elemental correspondences for spirits. Use whichever one works best for you.

What I listed is what EA gives in the evocation course workbook. I don’t have it available to me currently to check, but if I remember correctly, Abaddon was in the West, Belial in the South, Azazel in the North, and Amaymon in the East.

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thank you i used to jehanum version. again thx

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Just summon Lucifer as instructed in Lucifer & The Hidden Demons.

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