How to banish "Iblis"

I have been having a situation where i got attacked by iblis maybe a egregore of iblis, a trickster showing himself as iblis or iblis himself. Now whatever i have been doing i just couldnt shake him off.
Lbrp, Prayer, Cleansing rituals, clearing rituals, all of it didnt fully work his presence becameless tangible and kess noticeable but he never left.

At first he just was doing something quite painful to my crown chakra wirh a rosary but after my banishings he stopped that and just remained near me which still isnt quite to my liking.

Anyone got a good technique to get rid of such entities to banish them and bind them to leave u in peace?

Have you tried Hargroves ritual to scatter the djinn?

If that hasn’t worked, how about @DarkestKnight manta from raising your vibrations and getting rid of negative attachments?


Not yet i am waiting for the saturday to do it on

U think a 1000 repititions of that mantra in one sitting would take care of the problem?

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Eh. Maybe? The more you use it, the faster it should work since mantras tend to build energy that can then be directed or can be directed while you chant.

If you’ve used the mantra before it may not take much unless the things embedded in your energy system. But if you haven’t or it is… hard to say.

I’ve found sometimes it takes a combination of methods over a period of days or weeks to deal with some things- getting stuck in a negative mindset or easily irritated and the like, tends to make these things worse- but if they are fighting to stay they’ll usually try to cause stuff that will keep you feeding and sustaining them, so raising your vibrations and then something like singing and dancing around the house or ritual baths might also help.

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I see well i will repeat that mantra in the thousands for the rest of the week and spam the lbrp

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According to the traditional lore, it was the angels that slaughtered the djinn at God’s command so if you are being harassed by djinn or even Iblis himself, you can’t go wrong with calling upon the angels.

Michael can sever any attachments with his flaming sword.

You can also use this:

Raziel Sigil to Defend Against Spiritual Harassment