How to analyze if your thoughts heard?

Problem is I want to think about entities but they hear me. I love to think before I do something. I need to go deep in my thoughts to make a right decision after all. Twice I got respond from entities “Close your mouth” and “shut up”. The one of them bring me problem because of it. It is a big problem that become an obsessive thoughts. I am suffering because of it for 6 months already. So question is how to fucking think, analyze to not harm entities and become free of obsessive thoughts about names. I fear to harm someone. The more I fear the further it goes.

Edit: I want to think in my head, why the fuck i get response? I became angry because I completely stopped feeling alone with myself. I want no one to know what’s in my head

We are surrounded by entities all the time and humans don’t usually shield thoughts, and when we try a stronger psychic can get through if they try. Humans are psychically very noisy, like deaf people talk loudly because we can’t hear ourselves.

Private thoughts are not really an option though you can learn to think more quietly instead of what we normally do and blurt out everything all the time. Stop sending and they won’t have to listen.

The problem here is they should stay quiet, mind their own business an not bother you,and they’re not, they’re being very rude.

These aren’t entities worth a damn, banish cleanse, follow up with an attack if needed: they’ll get the message and shut up. Even if they still hear you talking aloud to yourself they will know better than to mention it.


Sending messages has become a regular thing for me. I am like a child who shares his successes and failures. I am very noisy in this regard, yes. “Hey, look what I can do!”. “Hey look, I failed!” “Hey, look, I was able to do it, I learned something!”. I missed a father who would give me life lessons. A father who would give a response “Yes, well done, do not be arrogant. Success is a common thing for a man.” Or “What you did is wrong. Realize your mistake and never make it again.” So I’m like a blind kitten thrown into the real world that I’m trying to understand

Ah, well if you think you’re like a kitten, something that is weak and vulnerable, maybe they are simply giving you good advice. Not everything out there is neutral and some things you don’t want to attract with a lot of noise, not if you are soft and edible. :smiley:

I’ll remember that! Thank you! Any advices how to become more solid and inedible?)

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We call this “having good spiritual hygiene”. In a nutshell, a combination of having up wards, knowing how to banish unwanted intruders, and raising your vibration (feel happy things more than low things) keeps nasties away and attracts helping entities.

We have a lot of topics on this forum about it as unwanted interference is a common problem, and we collected some fave tutorials and such here: :slight_smile:

Also, insist that you’re not weak, and not open to be walked over, you can speak softly and carry a big stick, look nice and soft but have a steel core that shows when needed. :slight_smile: Being tough doesn’t have to compromise how you want to feel about yourself.


Thank you a lot!

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