How to always be energized and healthy

I just wanted to share the absolutely best way to get energized quickly and easily that I always used to do. It is probably also one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration for ascension.

Just visualize that you are standing in a pillar of white light that is so strong that it blinds you through your eyelids. Let the pillar run from the center of the Earth, that you will see as a ball of the same strong white light, and up to the heavens or outside of the atmosphere. Try seeing yourself as made entirely of the same strong white light too.
Hold it for as long as you can. After a while it gets so strong you have to stop or you will faint. You get this whooshing sound in your ears. I call this the Champagne stage, as it sounds just like someone had dropped you in glass of Champagne :wink:.

I used to do this all the time and I was never too tired to go out for a run and it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get sick. And that is in spite of me working as a teacher, working one-on-one with kids who were coughing and sneezing right in my face. Unfortunately it got blocked for me so I cannot do it do it anymore, but at love teaching it. I can hardly visualize anything inside of me anymore because of the blocks, have to step outside of me and visualize the pillar of light around me and visualize me shining like a star.

Anyway, just wanted to share it as it such a great thing.


How did it get blocked for you?

Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely use this.

Not really sure, I constantly get stuffed full with all kinds of astral crap. My inside usually looks like the hull of a rowing boat, so I pull all of those boards out. I have noticed that there is a chain hanging from my crown chakra through my whole body with cheap Middle Eastern style brass things in the level of each chakra. In my base chakra there usually is a really heavy solid piece of metal or concrete, like a bath plug. A white flate stone in front of my sex chakra. Black crust on my inside behind the boards. Saw that my spine was full of an oily liquid once…

But I suspect the blockage is in my throat or head. I can light up my inside a bit, but when I reach my neck I get tired and the light stops there. Have found like black stones in my throat too.
It can also be frequency that someone placed over my head that blocks my sight. Suspect that came from a Yatukan that I inadvertently got into contact with reading Ford´s Luciferian witchcraft.
I spoke about them with a super connected healer friend of mine and she almost immediately got a massive attack from three astral Yatukan she had to fend off. It is said that they can put a “spring” (probably the frequency) on someone and the victim either surpasses or perishes.

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I’ve never heard of that! I’ll have to do some reading on the subject.

Are you doing anything to try to get rid of these blockages?

You discover them the easiest by visualizing a vacuum cleaner hose that you first suck up close to your skin. Sometimes you notice bumping into something metallic. That way you activate your astral vision before moving inside. Then you move it inside yourself and continue.

I do the Cleansing rite of the Goddess and the Cursing rite (with Babalon) from Petrucelly´s The Black witch nowadays. It actually gets easier to breathe when you see the shining pentagrams around you.

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You may wanna envision your chakras as balls of whirlpool energy, and have them spin at insane speeds and cleanse (in their colour)

And also grow brighter in their colour.

That cleanses me and energises me, maybe that will heal it?

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Also this isn’t a trap is it? Won’t like blow ur chakra’s?

You mean with the vacuum cleaner? Nah, harmless. Problem is as many report is that once you begin working with your chakras, sure you get the benefits but they also constantly get clogged up by sucking in negative energy and even astral parasites around you. This is why Lucifer call them soul traps. I am looking into removing my chakras and begin using my Chi energy centers instead. Those are stabile and do not suck in any crap. People who did it report having more energy and never having to clean them.
And even if you remove your chakras and later want them back, you basically just have to wish it and visualize them growing back.
But until then I will probably take your advice and spin 'em up again.

No the first thing.

Yeah the spin stuff’s pretty powerful, I didn’t sleep for 3 days at one point and was in remarkably good condition, not great.

But 1 night of no sleep usually ruins me, for at least a few days on end.

I’ve really been having a lot of success with my own self direct magick.