How the hell do you prove magick to an Atheist?

Hello peops,

So I just had the most frustrating conversation ever with an atheist. And not any atheist? But a hardcore one. This person is one of my best friends yeah, and I was just sharing what I know and what is legitimately true right. But for an atheist what is true would always be just delusion or story telling.

Now he did make some valid points, as most atheists really don’t. But he did, and no matter how much I explained, it just always goes to one thing. Proof! So obviously magick isn’t like movie and comics right, we can’t shoot a fire ball and prove that to them, because it’s not possible YET, or at least for me.

I know that I should just ignore them. But I would like to prove them wrong, maybe it’s for my ego maybe for fun. Doesn’t matter. What do you guys think? How do you think we can prove this to an atheist?

I personally think you shouldn’t even try. He has his beliefs as do you.


That’s fair, but then again, how do we have the world recognise facts, if we can barely idk persuade one person.

What exactly doesn’t he believe? Magick is a broad umbrella term.

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You don’t.

Why do you want the world to recognize the strength of magick? If they do, they can counter you. The less they know, the better for you.


That’s what I originally thought. But our power could also be about belief, I mean the magickians in Haiti can do many many different things that we “technically” can’t, because everyone there believes in the voodoo. And also it’s the next step for evolution, whole world ascending. I honestly only need them to know it exists and fears it.

I even used to word science. He really just doesn’t believe in how the universe works.

How there are different planes. And everything thing else. I told him about the things I have done, he just said I was overthinking, perhaps I am :woman_shrugging:t3:

How did you get to the point of arguing about Magick? Were you wearing your inverted pentagram necklace over your Supreme Wizard shirt? JUST KIDDING.

I don’t understand why people nowadays are so eager to show everyone that they’re interested in / intrigued by / incredibly adept in the occult, and why so many are arguing the validity of Magick (IRL with people you will be seeing on a day to day basis) Who cares?

I don’t have anything to add to the conversation as usual.

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Who says we can’t? Its just not widely known. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. This is the Occult after all.


I lowkey forgot how we started to convo. But it could just be my ego, who knows. I just like to prove these people who think they’re smart wrong.

Until we have a scientific method, then it’s useless to prove anything to anyone, unless you care enough to do that. Simply because each person will ask for something completely different.

So I guess ask that person what kind of “proof” would convince him/her and if you can do it then go ahead.


That is true. But I don’t know, I would love to see the look on their faces. At least they know about us. I just think we’re too hidden, sure occult means hidden knowledge. And I never said we should share our knowledge, I want them to at least acknowledge our existence and perhaps see us higher than them.

Pour a glass of wine, relax and laugh at them from the inside. It’s very amusing when they try to explain things from their limited perspective and their concrete-steady reality.


They would obviously refer to the movies as usual.

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In this case - if you care - educate them. Their ignorance is not your fault :slight_smile:

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Facts :joy:

Their ignorance is irritating me. Although I shouldn’t care, I do, and I blame my ego.

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I would be irritated as well but if you care enough, show them what magick can do until they come begging you for mercy. Not necessarily baneful by the way. You’ll be surprised how less demanding they would be and will accept “the proof” you give them with respect. :slight_smile:

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Atheists are assholes, no matter how much we prove things to them, they’ll always return to being an atheist. Idk I’m more annoyed with atheists than Christians. Actually that could be a lie, I’m annoyed with both.