How succubus look like?

How succubus look like? They are just like a woman or like a gost? Is they scary?

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Most incubus/succubus are very physically attractive as opposed to all of the trash written in the grimoires and the horror stories.

You can yourself ask your incubus/succubus to show him/herself to you. Relax, close your eyes and tune in. You should see an image of your succubus in your mind. Even if you can’t, you can picture an ideal lover for an image your Succubus can inhabit to start with.

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There are so many topics on this please use the search function


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There are fuckton of results about how succubus looks like, my guy.


Show me screenshot of the result i cant find anything

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50+ results, roflmao.


I can agree to seeing them in your minds eye. It’s how I see my own lady. (Not succubus but still see her in my minds eye + telepathy). I do think though that this allows for them to appear however they want, to a degree.

Plus when I feel her, that helps me also “see her”. From what I can feel, my mind is able to visualize. The senses overlap.


Like humans with minor differences. That’s about it. However, if they come here they can look like whatever they want because it’s not their true form and they’re mostly just energy bodies when they come here they can look like pure energy or whatever they want or you want them to look.


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These are not answers? Another wannabe snowflake who cant even be arsed to do his own research. I bet your next thread will be named ‘how do I get rid of parasites?’.


You’re brand new, and have already insulted various members across multiple different topics. Your attitude of self entitlement is sickening. You don’t want to put in the research and use the search function you want information presented on a platter.

Do you realize how many years some of these members researched before even performing their first ritual calling upon entities?

Consider yourself lucky you can search a forum like this. 25 years ago I was on my own outside of very few chat rooms.


You just wait until he tries it on a spirit.


@lu_cas - this is a formal warning to drop the abusive mocking tone. You don’t have to love people or kiss their ass, but when members take time out of their lives to help, throwing abuse at them is NOT okay and WILL get you banned if it happens again.

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You saw their true form?

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I had a very lucid dream with one that appeared like a woman crawling towards me, using her hands, her legs sort of entwined,you couldn’t tell if it was her legs or a snakelike tail/lower body.

I’m pretty sure I have read about that appearance somewhere aswell, so they can appear like beautifull humans when they want to, but they can also show a more primal form


Succubus and incubus are shapeshifters, in their plane they often look like their true form but can take the form of any human or animal features/forms. However, when they come here they can look like whatever and whoever they want or you/their lover wants.

Seeing an incubus/succubus as pure energy is usually a “false form” as well as they have solid forms.


Depending on what succubi it is, some are parasitic and would appear ugly, others are divine and would not appear ugly but in my opinion they do not have a true form, their true form is formless, non corporeal concentrated pockets of energy which are conscious.

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theyre not formless, they have a true form on their plane (not the astral/mental where anything and anyone can decide their form with just their imagination) ugly and not ugly is subjective like theyre are ugly humans and not so ugly humans based on individual standards. If it’s formless it’s not a succubus or incubus.

Most beings that are formless are elementals or djinn (when they choose to be) and things akin to them. Succubus and incubus are very much flesh and bone and capable of bleeding and breaking body parts.

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Very nicely put. they take the needed form to get more energy / attention and so they can materialise, experience what humans feel and how. The beauty of the warm body and it’s fluids. Value for them is emotions, experiences, energy, consuming light.

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