How quickly can someone go through the nine gates?

Currently, my ancestors are pushing me towards something I have been unwilling to do for a year. However, I am wondering if I have gone off my rocker a bit. Or if maybe there is a bigger purpose here.

For all my research and understanding, the number 37 is a sacred number between the earth, the cosmos, our DNA, and change. In the astronomy charts, 37 is also the number of the constalstion for the set of stars for the bird who burst in flames and comes screaming through the ashes. (Mmmmhmmmmm, the Phoenix.)

So, if 37 is a sacred number (to me) and there are none total gatekeepers - Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus & Satan - would it be possible to go through all nine gates within a 37 day period?

That is approximately 4 days with each of these here fellas and whoosh - well!

Let’s just get to my fucking questions.

1.) Can a person realistically go through all nine gates in a matter of 37 days, spending roughly four days with each gatekeeper?

2.) What if you already knew two of them and have recently told one of them “Shut up and sit down, before I really give you something to worry about!” And the gatekeeper keeps his silence, what does that mean? (I was in a mood.)

3.) Before I go into a complete tangent, what if you already know you’re a direct decent of Cain but you choose to keep quiet about it, as to not disturb the peace? All this due to s ritual from last winter. :upside_down_face:

4.) While my magick isn’t as strong as others, why would one with so little experience and knowledge be pushed into this direction so early in the game?

5.) Why is the color - nevermind on this question.

So, yah, I’m in the middle of processing all of this information. And all I get from the ancestors is “Shake ya booty guuuurrrrrlllll, she’s a comin’ home.”

Seriously. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::roll_eyes: My ancestors are insanely insane.


Depends on the individual and who they choose as their personal gatekeepers or if theyre following the “norm” gatekeepers. However, of course it won’t be like “day 1 this demon, day 2 another demon, etc”



Gatekeeper one is Frigg and Odin.

I’ve got Danish ancestry. Freya is my sister…



Processed this, this was a subconscious thing.

Absolutely!!! Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law! Love is the Law, Love under Will :star:


… through the aeons of time…

For she recognized the Viking before she realized she was Dragon. Before she realized another word for teacher. For the bull walks alone his path and the elephants follow the seven torches.

37 she finds love. The letter of the law with herself. She’s kept quiet.

My path is different towards the gate.

Odin and Frig - Gate One
My Mother - Gate Two
Kali - Gate Three
Ariel - Gate Four
Freya - Gate Five
Lucifer - Gate Six
Amodoues - Gate Seven
Blood of Salem - Gate Eight
Love - Gate Nine

Mmmmhmmmmm. She gets it.

i am hell
i am heaven
i am LOVE

it’s time.

letter of the law, the _________ dragon will roar.

the sun will be born and the moon will give the lesser light.

hell is not gold. it’s purple.


I’ll probably be asked why My Mother is at Gate Two.

While I understand some have not had great relationships with their parents - I can speak for myself. Education was important in the home I grew up in, it was a gateway to understanding.

“School” never ended during holidays, summers, or the rare family vacation.

So, this is slightly confusing. But, words explain it best.

Do others still feel their Mother’s?

Yerp, this was my Mom. Books. Always a nose in the books. (Sorry for the religious content, I am not preaching. But the woman loved books.)

Is it against Magick to still love our Mother’s who have passed to the other side?


Also, why does this feel okay to not work with the original nine gate keepers?

Has anyone else gone through this before?


People invent roles and hierarchies for entities all the time, when I started with the LHP, long before knowing this forum, I had no idea of the existence of the word “gatekeeper”, yet the first demon I summoned was Azazel. You can change stuff as you want, provided that you understand how stuff works, thus you improve stuff for yourself rather than making it worse for everyone


People didn’t invent heirarcies and such for these entities, some people got this information from said entities lol. As for the gatekeeper idea, it’s been a thing among many pantheons, it’s more that within BALG the concept of gatekeepers shifted into some “these demons want you to become a god” thing which imo is somewhat nonsense, but gatekeepers as a general thing has existed in many cultures.


Love under a strong will.Crowley butchered the original word.

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I walked through all 9 in a night. Didnt spend much time at all with each one. It was mainly to prove to myself that I could, since everyone here talks about it and I had never played with it before.


all 9 in one night? really?



really, you met all nine original gatekeepers in one night and had them all possess your heart - forever entrapping you with their forces of wisdom?

and henceforth, you broke your entire chakra down in one night to fill it with a new, better understanding chakra of the dark arts? all of this without going into a complete mental breakdown?

alright, who came before Lilith? and it’s not nammah.

because not even the strongest of the strongest witches i have heard of have gone through the black gates in one night.

so, i would like to know how you did this without going completely insane.


how about we all agree to disagree on the laws.

but i love both quotes on the law of love. :heartbeat::heartbeat::+1:

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:partying_face: agreed!

Maybe more research needs to be done on my end and 37 days might be to quick.

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:face_with_monocle: they did?

alrighty, will research this too…

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Hecate is considered a gatekeeper, Cernunnos is considered a gatekeeper to the celtic pantheon, Papa Legba is considered a gatekeeper, among other Gods and entities. However, used in a slightly different manner than what BALG defines gatekeepers as but similar as well.


Hecate? Is this her? @Velenos


Yeah that’s Hecate, she is called one of the Triple Goddesses.