How people join Freemason?

How does the people join Freemason???

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By going to a Masonic lodge and asking to join. Of course they also charge a fee either to join or to progress depending on the lodge the price changes. I live by a grand lodge.


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My uncle was a freemason and when he spoke of it he said someone he knew helped him in :woman_shrugging: I dont know how it works though.


I joined in 2016, a guy I worked with at my factory I expressed interest in and he invited me to the local lodge, fee was $110.

Yeah I think you have to get invited by a member

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No you don’t have to be invited, that’s only one way. Only thing that is needed is for you to pick a lodge and petition for them to allow you to join.


So what another way

So what if am far with Lodge’s

You join their dinners or meetings if you’re interested in joining, talk to them, then you sign a petition, here’s an example:

far from a lodge? then I’d advise moving closer to one because every lodge has mandatory meetings and dinners and if you’re far from one it would defeat joining one to only not be able to go there.

Like many fraternal organizations we do have our “secrets”. The “work” that a Mason learns is handed down from a mentor who learned it from another mentor, and so forth. It is all memorized.

No Mason will actively recruit a person into our fraternity. 2B1ASK1.

Many lodges hold Open events where family and friends, or the general public can attend. We always welcome visitors.

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