How Our Educational Programs Work

To help you mentally prepare for what you are about to undergo, I think it’s important to provide a description of the structure for our programs and curriculum.

As you probably know, we have a plan to build out an entire catalog of training courses.

We’re going to cover all the necessary skills, most powerful pathworkings, and effective spells.

In essence, we are taking the whole field of magick, and organizing it into an easy-to-understand syllabus, of online digital video programs.

As far as we know, we’re the first to ever do this. And if we’re not the first, then we’ll certainly be the best. That’s our guarantee.


Each program consists of video files and often an accompanying workbook. The average program will be about 10-15 hours long.

You can watch the entire program online through our streaming video player, as well as sort chapter-by-chapter using our precision content playlist.

You’re also able to download the video files and text documents directly to your own personal computer, laptop, smart TV, and other supporting devices.

This means you can both watch it online, and download it to keep a permanent copy for your own library.

In addition, we provide you the copyright freedom to burn the program onto a DVD for your own viewing and storage pleasure, in case you want to possess a physical copy and view it on a disc player.

Note that we have no plans to ever release a physical DVD version of our programs. The major reason for this is because smart TVs connected to the internet are the new norm, and DVDs will soon be obsolete like tapes and 8 tracks.

In other words, we have a digital only policy.

The content itself will consist of lesson-based discourse, supporting stories from E.A.’s own experiences, and live demonstrations.

From start to finish, you’ll learn the necessary concepts and theories, anecdotes and real world examples, and see step-by-step performances of rituals and actions.

Each program will be a masterclass that empowers you to immediately implement the respective material.

To top it off, our support forum is available 24/7/365, where E.A. and like-minded practitioners are there to discuss and confer about the finest points of every lesson in each course.

This all amounts to a simple reality: you will no longer have an excuse for lack of action, or failure. You will have the most effective techniques, and personal guidance. Your success is virtually guaranteed.


We want to make your experience with us as enjoyable and effortless as we can.

In fact, we literally want it to be so easy, that all you need to do is click a single button to instantly receive the world’s most powerful and ingenious education on magick.

Our modern technology has revolutionized how spiritual transmission is done. No longer do we ride camels across sweltering deserts, climb dangerous mountains, and travel into deep unground caverns to meet with living masters.

All it takes now is an internet connection. And technically, you don’t even need that. You could just visit a free public library to watch the program.

E.A. and I know wholeheartedly that it’s important to deliver a high quality program at the fairest price possible. We know this is what creates strong loyalty and recurring patronage.

This is why we’ve committed to making every program less than 500usd. And most will be much less than that.

This is markedly less than the average cost of just one class at a community college in the United States. It’s also the equivalent of about 1 or 2 day’s wage.

In plain English, each program will be at the mid-range, between 97usd and 297usd, depending on the depth of the program.

We have an itinerary to produce a full catalog of about 10-15 programs. This means that you’ll be able to acquire the ENTIRE curriculum for as little as 1 month of labor.

This is fair, considering it will take us YEARS to create this massive library of knowledge. We could easily argue that you’re getting the much better side of the deal.

It’s for this reason, we encourage you to start a tiny nest egg of savings for your program tuition. Consider how much you value learning each skill, and attaining each power, so you feel motivation to prepare your personal finances well in advance.

Why not be ready to go with us on the start date of each program?

And if we couldn’t make it any easier, we’re even going to let you choose between 2 different payment plans: either a one-time payment, or a 5-month plan where the tuition is broken down into smaller monthly installments.

We know that some of you have budgets, and we want to help you stick to them.

This is convenient, because at our current rate of program creation, we’re going to make a new program available every 3-5 months.

This is just enough time (90-150 days) to get good at the new skill you are learning, before moving on to the next!

It’s fascinating to compare our modern transmission of occult information to ancient times. A thousand years ago, an aspirant would have to labor as an indentured servant to his master for literally DECADES before he could be initiated into a position to receive what you’re going to get immediately.

The bottom line is that we want to make sure you know that we’re treating you more than fairly.

Furthermore, we think it’s important to make your experience free of any risk whatsoever on your part.

Meaning, when you sign up, you’ll have 7 full days to watch and examine the program via online streaming as much as you want. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, just let us know and we’ll give your payment back to you.

For anyone who keeps the program, as soon as the 7 day trial period ends, the download feature becomes active, and you can take your permanent copy.

I’m telling you these fine details so that we are as transparent as possible from the start. We have zero desire to pull a fast one or trick you, because that wouldn’t strengthen our loyalty and appreciation.

At any time, if you ever have any questions about how this works, you can request support at our help desk, right here:

And you can read our terms here:


We are a Magick Movement.

Become A Living God is an inclusive, open source project for anyone who wants to associate with it.

We are totally different from the countless magick orders out there.

Most of those groups are hack, political organizations, with hierarchical limits that suppress and slow down the natural growth of the magicians who aspire to rise up.

We at Become A Living God believe human beings are best when their learning is self-directed and they can move at their own speed- instead of any uniform pace that a self-acclaimed “grandmaster” imposes on everyone.

Every single aspirant is at a different point in their development, and has unique needs.

This is why we have an “open source” policy. There are no testing prerequisites you must meet to study any of our programs, even if we’re covering highly advanced material.

At most, we’ll provide guidelines we recommend you follow. But whether you adhere to them or not, is your decision!

If you understand and like what we’re doing, tell your friends and fellow magicians to come join us.

Invite them to sign up for our newsletter at:

And tell them to become a member of our forum here, at:

Encourage them to try our helpful eBook and programs. Enlighten them on what our positive goals and motives are. There are millions of human beings interested in magick, and many are unaware that our Movement and project exists yet. Inform them.

They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be happy you did!

Finally, on a sad note, too many ignorant magicians sit around badmouthing and being unnecessarily negative and cruel about the hard work of sincere authors, like E.A.

The worst part is that many of these naive trolls are armchair intellectuals with no experience, thus they have no grounds for their asinine attacks. Regrettably, this kind of negative publicity will often dissuade people who are unfamiliar with E.A.’s excellent work from joining us.

So if you ever see someone being rude or obnoxious toward the reputation of either E.A. or Become A Living God, then stick up for us and defend our honor. The success we have as a project enables us to create better, higher quality programs for YOU.

It’s in your best interest to be an outspoken supporter of Become A Living God.

In conclusion, I’ve now officially disclosed how our programs will work. I look forward to a bright future.

Godlike Power,

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Like I said before Timothy. I’m behind you guys 200 percent on this. I like the way you’re being up front with everything you’re doing and not holding back a damn thing! You and EA have my full support and respect in every way I can give it.

Thats a DITTO from Zoe! :wink:

Timothy, you’re a Master in brainwashing and that’s why I love ya!! You better be sure I will stick up for you guys! I believe in the work that you do and will try my very best to follow each program.

Just one question though,… Will there be a possibility to pay via Paypal. That’s how I got the e-Book BALG, but I had to contact the helpdesk for that.

Of all the forums of this nature on the internet, this is, in my opinion, the BEST and most genuine in it’s mission to assist others to ascend. From the moment I heard of E.A I knew he was the real deal, both in the way he conducted himself with maturity and the substance of his writings.

Thanks for the heads up on the video courses, Timothy. Sounds very reasonable. I believe in what you guy’s are doing. Respect in abundance. :slight_smile:

WE support you. 100% all the way.

Some brainwashing is a good thing. :wink:

Just one question though,.... Will there be a possibility to pay via Paypal. That's how I got the e-Book BALG, but I had to contact the helpdesk for that.

Yes, we will accept Paypal on all video programs only for the one-time payment plan.

Definitely going to buy every one of these programs… maybee not white magic

Same here…except for the white magic. : )

Download features? Hopefully, I won’t have to see these programs upload on YouTube or torrent sites. It is not fair with us honest customers paying for this knowledge and someone out there watching the videos without paying one cent.
Just my 2 cents :frowning:

[quote=“Bigfriend, post:10, topic:197”]Download features? Hopefully, I won’t have to see these programs upload on YouTube or torrent sites. It is not fair with us honest customers paying for this knowledge and someone out there watching the videos without paying one cent.
Just my 2 cents :-([/quote]

I agree Bigfriend! I honestly don’t think people will want to get into deep trouble with a sorcerer…lol. So hopefully, whoever purchases these lessons aren’t stupid or crazy enough to post them on YouTube and/or torrent sites.

I agree that it’s unfair that criminals pirate copyright information.

Although, at this point, I strongly recommend that you stop using torrent sites completely. They’re all tracked by the FBI closely, and there will be VERY painful legal action against these offenders soon.

The government is intensifying its aggression against the digital black market.

Also, we’re going to have secret bonus programs and opportunities to work with E.A. for all of you who do the right thing, to reward you.

P.S. If you ever see our copyright content on Youtube or anywhere else, report it to us, and we’ll honor you for your loyalty with discounts.

I’m already aware of the torrent sites that scalp E.A.'s books.

P.P.S. According to this article, there are over 250,000 torrent users in the United States being targeted for a mass-lawsuit.

I have excellent news to report.

I recently contacted the most popular torrent network for pirating books and programs on magick, and they have responded positively by removing all the files infringing on our copyrights - and there were A LOT of them.

This is a good thing, because it ensures fairness for everyone taking the proper channels to learn from E.A.

I’m actually surprised they politely removed all our works without any hassle.

I’m not at all surprised - surely they already knew they were on thin ice! The legal system is the least of their problems … do they REALLY wanna piss off a Sorcerer by adding insult to theft??? :wink: Z

That is excellent.

I have had my work stolen and stolen and posted all over hell and back. And the real problem is when it gets put on servers in the Netherlands. They simply do not respect copyrights as a nation. There is nothing illegal there about stealing and posting any work, period.

So it’s good to know you got it taken down.

I’m behind you guys 100%.

[quote=“Timothy, post:14, topic:197”]I have excellent news to report.

I recently contacted the most popular torrent network for pirating books and programs on magick, and they have responded positively by removing all the files infringing on our copyrights - and there were A LOT of them.

This is a good thing, because it ensures fairness for everyone taking the proper channels to learn from E.A.

I’m actually surprised they politely removed all our works without any hassle.[/quote]

There is a strong anti-corporate and anti-business sentiment in the human consciousness. It’s not surprising, considering the amount of crony capitalism, corporate fraud, and government corruption we all witness.

But sadly, many ignorant fools steal intellectual property from content creators, like E.A., because they are under the impression we have unlimited funds in our capital account, for producing material.

I explained to the criminal proprietor of this torrent site (which has over 10,000 members) that by distributing our work for free, he was hurting our business, and making it harder for us to actually CREATE the content he claims to cherish.

For the economically illiterate: if you steal products, the seller earns less revenue. This makes if difficult for them to pay bills, thus risking potential bankruptcy. And this is especially the case for small businesses, who have no safety net in the form of a government bailout.

If you’re reading this, and truly appreciate magick, then be sure to get your goods and services from the entrepreneurs who source them, instead of stealing.

Be a patron of the art.

Here we go…

They have download links for what appear to the be Ebook.
Well - unless this was posted by you guys…

Its a tippoff…

"rapidgator: Link:E.A. Koetting – Become a Living God

Before download files read this post
E.A. Koetting – Become a Living God is available on Our private server"

Love the idea of the programs and I do agree that they are very affordable and a great value but I don’t know to many people taking home a half grand every 2 days let alone every day lol, lucky for me my house is free and clear along with both my cars, I don’t know how people get by on minimum wage it’s crazy.

Timothy, will you in the future be offering a ‘Buy all 3 courses at once (Mastering Divination, Evocation and Soul Travel) and save X %’ ?

I got the Balg e-book and the Complete Works now, but I like (and need) to plan my finances.

Thank you.