How open are you with your beliefs?

I don’t post much here but I read a lot.

How open are you to discussing your beliefs with people you know in real life? I really don’t have anyone I can talk to, which is why I read a lot of posts on here and occasionally reply or start a thread. The majority of my friends/family are heavily Christian. If I told them I was a Satanist who is in process of setting up an altar to Satan/Lucifer/Baphomet, I’m fairly certain they would have me put in a hospital on a 72 hour hold. I hate that my beliefs are ‘too scary’ for most. I have a young child (9), and I’m very careful about staying quiet about my beliefs if there is any possible way it could affect her friendships or school life (I was the picked-on kid when I was her age through high school - I don’t want to do anything that could cause that to happen to her).

I guess I’m just kind of lonely in that one of the biggest, most important aspects of my life is something I can’t - or don’t dare - talk about with anyone I know. I’m very thankful for this site and the forum, as I can ask questions or talk about things and no one bats an eye.


I’m not open in any way. Nobody I know is aware I’m even interested in the occult.

I’m very introverted though - I don’t care or need to share these things. Actually I rather enjoy keeping my secrets to myself.

Even online I don’t agree 100% with anyone, and disagreement is easy to discuss online, I would hate to have a major disagreement with someone in a social circle, that would cause me a level of discomfort I’d rather avoid.


I’m fairly introverted myself, which is why I’m mostly a post reader, rather than commenter. I’ll probably never attain “Regular” status :slight_smile:

Sometimes though, when I buy something cool for my altars or have a really good experience, I just wish there were someone I could tell, you know?

I’m open in some beliefs, like my family knows I believe in multiple Gods, they know I believe in the “unknown” what they don’t know is my deeper? beliefs, hell very few practitioners know, on this site along like 3? know lol

though generally I don’t flaunt my beliefs but I reject the fear mongering practitioners that act like their beliefs will trigger a witch hunt if “normies” find out. So ask and I’ll answer practitioner or not, but I won’t give the deep stuff lol.


Im in exactly the same situation with you girl…
I cannot talk to anyone around me about those things…
Im so glad i met a Greek girl like me, so we can talk and discuss in our language… eventually we became also real friends because of this forum and we can share our personal issues too :smile: thats wonderful for me…
But ye, the only people i can talk about it are through here, just from the screen of my phone… :pensive:


Lies, half our discussion is in English.

Just saying!


Hahaha true :joy:
it’s so difficult to discuss in greek most of the definitions and words we know from here!

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My system emcompasses a variety of subjects, thus I talk to each person their own thing


Usually I am not comfortable to be asked about my biliefs if that is a chit-chat or other small-talk. When I feel that question is sincere I am more open to talk 'bout that. But the best is when the discussion is just in the air, not personal :slight_smile:


I move in complete silence, except when talking on this board…it’s not because I don’t want my family or select friends to know what I do, I’m not ashamed of it or afraid of what they’ll think of me…I just don’t want them bombarding me with requests, opinions, etc.

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I straight up told all my of family and friends what I do, didn’t want the burden of holding it in so might as well want people to see you for how you really are, but I also don’t really boast like show apparel or anything I’m a father of 3 who’s pretty normal society wise.


My “friends” know what I do, some more than others. I keep to myself unless it is brought up in a convo somewhere. My mom knows but only thinks I heal and work with angels etc. My step dad thinks I only heal and make “potions” lol
They wouId freak out if they knew the truth.

For others I prefer to be open about it as I feel it is a requirement for friendship or more. If they know then there are no surprises, if they freak out and get aggressive then so be it. They can live in their box of nonsense forever and stay clear of me. It is better than living a lie in my opinion and since I am used to being alone it isn’t important for me to retain a human in my life for any reason.

I’m not open with my family because my mom would cry

This question comes up a lot and we have multiple threads about it.

There are two things it is considered impolite to talk about at the dinner table, religion and politics. I say nothing about my practices but I don’t hide them either. If someone in public asks about my Belial t-shirt, or my inverted pentagram necklace, I’ll tell them. However, no one does because, really, it doesn’t matter to most people in my neck of the woods. In fact, I’ve been complemented on my inverted pentagram pendant :joy:

I’m pretty sure my roommate can hear my chanting in Enochian and talking to demons, but we both pretty much keep to ourselves.

I do have one friend I can discuss “spooky” (his term for magick) with, though. I rarely do, however, as I have little need to.


In general, I am open to anyone who asks first. But I only tell what is necessary to answer the question for a majority of people.

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I am very open about my beliefs and I grew up alot differently than most. I don’t flaunt all out in the open what I believe but neither do I keep silent about it either. I guess education on our path goes along way to being comfortable in our own skin and our beliefs. But I do realize there is this huge dogma that follows the occult and for that reason I try to educate those around me so when they do or see something I’m doing or going on about they won’t freak out or run in fear that the devil is going to take them to hell… But we all have our own paths to walk and walk them we all shall do and in the end may we all be favored by our very own belief system and or gods we believe in…

Me, too. My son (same age) knows I’m spiritual, but not religious. That’s it. My wife thinks I spend my time in Pagan forums (she’s an atheist).

They both know more than anyone else in my daily life. There doesn’t seem to be anything to gain from being open about it, in my sphere.

Fsr I always thought you were like 19 lol

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Lol, no, but once upon a time I was :slight_smile: I’m 42.

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I only wear black with mandatory Church of Satan T-shirts and cheap, tacky Satanic jewellery when I go down the street. It’s so individual to wear mass produced T-shirts and so stylish to accessorise with pin badges.
Sometimes I carry a placard reading: Satan helped me & He can help you too!
But each to their own, I guess.