How Much Is "The Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting" Worth?

Please vote your highest estimate.

This is a tough one - I’ve gotta say somewhere between $700 and $10,000 - but I can’t decide, so I just marked 10 grand. Obviously, all of his works separately, each a talismanic edition, would be well close to $10,000 … still, it’s ALL of his works AND talismanic …
Let’s put it this way - if I had $10,000 to spare, I would pick up a copy of all of his originals and if I had another $10,000 and that was the going price for the all-in-one talisman - I’d do it.
But as I am, I think I would be ok with stretching between $700 and say - I dunno - $1,300-ish

I put $1000 because although it is great stuff, it would be a shame if it wasn’t affordable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me a spell that manifests ungodly amounts of money to me and I’ll gladly pay 10,000 for all of EA’s work. Turn me into a millionaire and I’d pay more. lol…but since I’m a working musician I think a grand would be fair…difficult for me to pay, but not impossible.

Unless it is extremely rare or antiquated, any book over 50$ seems overpriced.

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How To Appraise Fine Art

To appraise this specific kind of fine art, you need to consider two crucial things:

  1. The value of the magick information
  2. The value of the physical grimoire

The two key factors that set these values, and thus the price, are:

  1. Demand- how many people want it, and how strongly do they want it?
  2. Scarcity- how few of it exist, and how hard is it to get?

So let’s walk through a basic appraisal for a hypothetical work like, “The Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting” in one ultra high-end, physical, talismanic tome.

Value Of The Magick Information

  1. The demand for the information: extremely high
  2. The scarcity of the information: extremely high

What you’ll learn inside these written books is the most powerful, and arguably the important information in the world. I mean this literally. It is not hyperbole. Magick is the ultimate field of human study. It is the peak of human achievement. And these books possess the finest quality, and most effective techniques known.

True magical information is the rarest, scarcest commodity on Earth. Less than 1 in 1,000,000 humans can perform real magick.

Not only this, but there are massive religions and movements of people who are banning and eliminating this information. They severely punish anyone they catch learning it.

Value Of The Talismanic Grimoire

  1. The demand for the high-end talisman: high
  2. The scarcity of the talismans: extremely high

There is strong demand for physical grimoires, as you can see on any live auction bidding site. There is an active secondary market of trading.

Also, in a limited edition print run, there is a set quantity. These are the only few that will ever exist.

Once they sell out, they are gone forever from the primary market, where you could deal directly with the original seller. At this point, the items enter the secondary market, where it’s difficult to acquire one, for multiple reasons.

It’s notoriously hard to find resellers of very limited edition runs. You’re lucky if you find one.

Moreover, these traders will mark up the price well above the original retail price, especially if they know there is significant demand.

As an example, take E.A.’s “Kingdom of Flames”. Ixaxaar only financed a few copies of these, and so they are extremely rare. Right now a secondary seller on Ebay is asking for $5,999 for it.

In addition, I see a 4-volume set of “Kingdoms of Flame”, “Works of Darkness”, “Baneful Magick”, and “Evoking Eternity” asking for $1,752. And these editions are not even the highest quality prints they made.

And one last reason the secondary market is not preferable, is because you have to rely on the scruples and honesty of the secondary seller. This can be a problem, because secondary markets often have fraud, since the transactions are usually under-the-table and off-the-books. (Although, eBay is a trustworthy platform, in my experience, since they have a dispute resolution department)

This all amounts to the fact that I strongly suggest you do anything it takes to get in on the original sale, so you can avoid the secondary market.

The prices are for sure going to increase over time, as the items become harder to find.

Finally, you need to consider the emotional sentiment and meaning the work of art has for you, and relate this to the fair market value.

Ultimately, the strength of your desire, combined with your knowledge of the overall supply and demand dynamic, will affect how you choose to bid for an item.

To be fair, I do know there are more factors to take into account when evaluating various types of art from different mediums, like paintings, or sculptures, but the economic basics still apply.

My Appraisal
Personally, my appraisal of the fair market price for “The Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting” in an extremely fine limited edition talismanic grimoire is currently at the midrange of $5,000-$10,000.

And this estimate will continue going up as more and more people discover Become A Living God, and plead with us to re-release E.A.’s collection of sold out written works.

Usually I see the same kingdom of flames copies reposted on ebay again and again because people simply don’t have 5000+ to spend on a book, no matter how amazing it is.

We did not ask what anyone can afford, or is willing to spend.

We are polling to find out how much it is worth to you.

These are two different questions.

Thank you for all your comments and feedback so far.

If you are reading this and you have not cast your vote yet, please do it right now.

What I would like to know is who is the one person that put a $1 value on all of it…? Makes me wonder what other kind of freak element is watching on this board…


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Probably just somebody being silly.

Strictly in terms of Artistic & Collectible value, my appraisal was $9,000.00. (Sorry, couldn’t go ten - I have this thing about the number 9)

I have this thing about the number 69 lol

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NECRO: WHAT does this have to do with the value of ART? Specifically EA’s art?

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