How much can you change a person?

so my question is easy how much can you change, influence to a person with occult ? i mean can you change his character , influence his emotion , will everything how far can go ? from your experiences , or from other experiences

I’ve only used Magick to help people with addiction issues. It worked. And obviously had a huge impact on their behavior. That’s it as far as trying to change something. But it didn’t change them it just liberated them. If you want to change them I think you’d have to go as far as to have something possess them completely for a while and hope the changes stick when the spirit leaves.

If you can find one that will agree to the job in the first place.

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You can manufacture a tulpa, forcibly possess someone with it and replace anything/everything about them. You can also change yourself this way. It’s basically designing a fictional character and then manifesting it through a living conduit.

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Can guide more on what you just said.


Gullible people and empaths can be easily manipulated. Highly sensitive people ingeneral even without actual magick just mere suggest ion .

You feel sick.?

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Time for an experiment!!! Any volunteers?! :grinning:

I used to have a Devil’s Bargain fantasy where I would make three changes someone wanted provided they allowed me to make three changes I wanted…without telling what they were!

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i mean how far can go the influence that you make to another person , is there any limit ?