How much blood is enough blood?

Quick question for the BALG badasses.

So Ive been getting started on evocations, with one entity specifically. My method so far:
Start trying to tune in
Walk to the woods behind my casa
Draw a circle around me, and i cut my left hand pinky finger. I then rub a drop of blood onto the circle, and consecrate it with my will.
then i evoke and ask

Good move? Bad move? It was instinctual for me to do so. I also didnt feel it necessary to make a circle for the entity, as it is a beast deity

The first evokation i offered a drop, as a gesture of goodwill.

In dealing with blood for workings and ritual purposes, whether it be in general or for my purposes stated above, how much do yall use? Drop? Couple drops? A dollop? A bowl?

I dont want to just slice myself wide open, but I will if need be dammit


I generally use just a drop or two depending how much it decided to bleed, or a consecrated oil with a few good drops in it.

I only really use more if it’s multiple things, ie consecration new runes, multiple sigil, I’ll take a straight razor and make a tiny Nick, really you don’t need much


He is Happy with what you give. Bring meat if you want to give him something big


Im getting through!?


Well yeah, whether you feel him or not he answers the call.

Try no circle


Its just good to have the remainder of my doubt dispelled. Your advice is duly noted


I use a Insulin Lancet Device. It was like $2.00! & the needles/pins for the Lancet Device came in a box of 50 for abt $3.99.

My Blood Rituals are hardly painful, & usually as a Demoness~Sorceress I prefer Sacred Blood… however, this is my pain free method whn I need my Solar Signature 2 Powerfully Communicate Spiritually… btw, I’m not diabetic :lipstick: