How manipulable is reality?

I have been reading on LOA and Nevillie Goddard. The questions I had was,
Is it possible to go to sleep or a strong meditation session and transfer our consciousness in a parallel realm with a more favorable outcome? For example, Is it possible to go to sleep and wake up in a universe where, I am having sex with two supermodels? And continue from there?
Let me narrate an incident, I contacted King Paimon. I had a dream and we interacted(story for another day). The next day I switch on the television and I see a trailer for a movie name in my local language, which sounds exactly like Paimon in it. So How does things like this happen? Think about how much things have to be put in place or manipulated, one has to manipulate an entire film crew to invest money, to do all the work, for a couple of years, to make a movie titled, “Paimon”, In order to give a synchronistic sign to a random guy in a small town in the middle of nowhere? That’s not possible

What does that tell us about the nature of reality?
So does that mean I am the only conscious being in the universe and the universe is centered around me? Help my dear brethren?

Reality happens outside of you and sometimes you come into contact with that.

If you’d travel to another space-time for the purpose of fucking two models then you probably won’t be able to make it.

As for how malleable reality is, you need only look so far as the quantum double-slit experiment. The interactions of the light photons would change based on observations.

Yes its possible but good luck finding your way back here to tell the tale with infinite timelines and possibilities it is very easy to get lost. Also the further you move from your base timeline the harder it is and the more negative feed back you get as a result. Reality is as manipulable as any dream only we hold beliefs that it is not.

I call it resonance, or synchronicity. The making of the movie didn’t need to have anything to do with you, nor that it played at all, and the fact the you exist and own a TV has nothing to do with the film studio either… but it exists, and you exist, and there’s a element of resonant vibration between you so that you were attracted to switch to the right channel at the right time. It’s an opportunistic way for entities to use your surroundings to piggyback a message to you. Aka a sign.

I don’t see why not, though I’ve always noticed this phenomenon when moving, that is, you pass through an existing portal. But there have been stories, very rarely, of someone waking up in a different version of the world, and they don’t know how it happened. But I’ve walked through portals in San Francisco (a sacred site with a lot of drug use going on) and you can’t feel them, you just notice the changes afterwards.

That’s a thing you have to decide for yourself. I don’t have this pov, others do, in the end it doesn’t mater, the results are the same.


In my personal opinion, the way these weird things happen is honestly because they just do. For me I learned that this world is so vague, and so broad that it can literally mean anything. This is literally human languages in a nutshell. Depending on perspective, you may understand certain English words, but German words may mean nothing to you. Because of this, technically in a nutshell, Anything can be possible, and anything can mean anything or nothing.

And is this process of thought exploitable? Hell yeah it is.

To summarize it in one sentence, If it exists, there is some way we can manipulate it.

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