How Long Until It's Time To Move On?

After spending several weeks evoking Asmodeus and just listening for his words for guidance, I’ve been attempting to invoke him for help. I understand that things take time but the presence I felt while evoking isn’t there when I invoke. Is this normal?

I am inside my circle. His sigil is in the triangle and 3 red candles are at each point and lit. I chant his enn over and over and… nothing. I once thought I heard the candles making a crackling noise so I called out and offered to write a song in his honor. I did and posted it all over my social media… still after almost a month, nothing.

My question is… how do I know when it’s time to move on? If my cause is not worth his time, I truly respect that and I do want to waste his time but how long do you wait before you know it’s time to stop?


Do you open or evoke others?

Without going into much detail, what is your cause? Are you sure you’re calling on the right spirit?

Also, how can you be sure he isn’t helping you?

I apologize for not understanding the difference between the 2. Could you elaborate for me the difference between evoke and open?

My intent is to speak with him and have some kind of dialogue. I don’t know if that information is helpful.


They should give some kind of indication. When I had learned a certain amount and I was supposed to learn something else from another, I was told this. I would expect the same if the tutelage was done.

Are you just evoking for general questions? Are these things you can learn another way, such as self-study or searching through the forums/videos on a topic?


QueenMustang, the hope is to get the attention of someone. And you’re very right, he could be doing all sorts of things behind the scenes. But I’ve asked for a sign that he is working in my favor and I have not received one that makes any sense to me.

I’ve asked for specific and nonspecific signs. Anything that would let me know he’s there. He’s listening. He’s helping. I haven’t seen or felt anything that tells me he is.

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norse900, it is so interesting that you say that as my first contact was with Lucifer. He answered so quickly during my meditation. I asked him these same questions and was told to wait and felt pointed in the direction of Asmodeus.

So I gave it some time and began to just sit with Asmodeus to see if I could understand him. When speaking to him, I was very specific. I read that you should be when asking for favors.


I ignored signs from Lucifer for four months before I responded. Had to make sure, I’m thorough.
Just keep an eye out for certain things popping up in your environment, or maybe someone in your life will unexpectedly mention something significant.


I mean it sounds almost like you want someone (in this case, Asmodeus) to talk to. What result are you looking for? You’ve been vague- but I think you said wanted to get someone’s attention? I’ve always been careful to not ask for things I can do for myself…and I am plenty good at getting someone’s attention.

Making them do and feel what i want? Now that’s a different proposition altogether.
Something’s always rubbed me the wrong way about demanding a sign. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong.

But more often then not I receive confirmation that the call went through in the following days. All the more reason to remain focused and sharp in the real world. Demons seem to know how to get my attention in ways that “I” will hear. With me it’s usually through radical freakin coincidences, untimely communication, omens, etc…

Also, if you’re looking for a two-way communication- trance-work and YOUR state of mind are vital. That’s what limits me in straight-up communication, not the demon.
Good luck!


56cpdb, It’s a little more than attention I want. I shot my shot and screwed it up. And I have worked for months to even get back to a “friend” level with this person but… I’d like more. Wanting this persons attention is all I thought I wanted and that’s when I felt Lucifer pull me towards Asmodeus. Having this person lust for me… if I can get that level going, I feel like I can take it from there. But I need her to make the first move. I just can’t do it, that’s why I need the help.

I’ve read asking for a sign… giving a time frame… these are all things that come off very disrespectful and I have vocalized my intentions of needing a sign and apologized for any disrespect. But you’re so right. My state of my mind is key here. I could be blocking everything he is trying to tell me because of my fear that it won’t work. It’s time to get out of my own way… tune in… and have faith that King Asmodeus can and will do everything I’ve asked. Thanks!!

You were doing everything perfect so far. However, to make a strong connection via invocation. I will suggest to place a big mirror in front of you and sit down on the floor. Then start drawing in a blank paper his sigil with black ink. As you drawing the sigil, call upon his name with your mind. INVOKING him, While candles are on if you do this, you will successfully create a strong bridge and you will be able from there on to call upon him with your mind. If further questions, message me.

Hail brother.

Listen man- I’m drawn to your situation cause I’m in your situation and I’ve made progress.

I’m not jus giving lip service here!

I fucked my shot up with her too- 1 year ago. That’s why I started dabbling in the arts again. Every odd you can think of was and in some cases still is against me.
She’s married, we WERE friends- close; we’re co-workers.
I made my move last October and got shot down hard.
Furthermore- she was willing to end the strong friendship we had because she was so incensed and bitter towards me.

It’s been about little victories on multiple fronts (making many mistakes I might add along the way).

I need her to make the first move too because a) she’s married and b) I work with her. I need to be careful on multiple fronts the way sexual harassment laws are these days. Plus- all of her friends and co-workers had it out for me.

My point: there’s ALOT to manage here!
If you fucked it up the way I think you’ve fucked it up- you’ll need to layer this shit from multiple angles.

You need a well thought out strategy that works on her, her friends, disrupts certain things, weakens her/ strengthens her, develops her, rebuilds her, etc…it’s not just lust man. Asmodeus and Lucifer are some ancient, strong, wiley mofos man. But do some research!
Read the layered love spell here- it will help teach you how to think/ approach this even if you don’t use it.

I’ll tell you too- read Lady Eva’s stuff on Belial and read between the lines. Though he’s not directly associated w/ lust much- he’s THE go to for bringing down the walls and breaking the chains of resistance that block people from thinking and feeling the way you want them too.

Also- if you really want to get your hands dirty- look up Zepar on this site. He’s not for the faint of heart.

If it’s as dire as you say- well…

The Zepar info is from Norski- it’s freakin brilliant

If you want to engage in dialogue with him, try it in November. From my experience, he will let you know you’ve made contact, there’s no mistaking his energy.