How long do you practise a day?

what types of practices do you employ daily? eg: seated meditation,walking meditation, qigong, evocation, banishing etc.

and how long do you practice on average? 10 minutes, 1 hour and 15 minutes?


For me I start the day with a 10-15 minute tarot meditation. If I work with a spirit on my clairs that’s 15-20 minutes. More if there’s Djinn work or evocation. Typically just the tarot meditation though that’s an everyday thing. I train clairs twice a week.


Daily, just energy shielding that takes maybe a minute then setting intentions/affirmations with my coffee.
If I’m performing a ritual, factoring in grounding, about 15-45 minutes depending on what I’m doing. I perform this, idk, 2-3 times a week.
Only consistent thing is shielding and a weekly house energy cleansing.
Edit: Rituals are usually invocations or pathworking.


I meditate daily. First I meditate on my chakras and then if I’m meditating with a spirit I usually keep going till they tell me to stop. I automatically stop at 15 minutes though, I’m trying to increase it. I don’t have any books, so I browse through the forum reading about different things or watch videos on YouTube.


I think constantly and read a lot, so outside a ten hour workday, I get up with the sun, and do a liber Resh Vel Helios morning and afternoon adoration, and a lord of the Universe adoration.
Figure five minutes there.
Lesser invoking ritual of the Pentagram. 10min
QC 5 min
Work ten hours
Take care of kitty, then read and catch up here.
A candle meditation, 5 min.
Evening and midnight adoration and a second invoking pentagram ritual.
15 min
Body Awareness and relaxation ritual 20 min
Invocations 30 minutes
Journal and read. Take notes. Hour or two.


I do roughly about three hours of praxis a day on average.

I generally do mantra chanting for an hour, chakra and energy work for about 30- 40 minutes, no-mind meditation to a binaural track for 20-60 minutes (the time depends on the track I’m using), plus either a pathworking, a ritual or an astral journey.


It depends on my mood and how my schedule is for the day. However, I try to do a series of affirmations at the start of my day, one candle ritual and the lbrp or the Kabbalah cross at nights on days that I’m busy with muggle stuff. I also try to read at least 15 pages of magickal material daily.

On the days that I really dedicate to magick which these days is once or twice a week you guys like you guys probably would think I’m lying if I told you all I did :joy:


Actually thinking abt this topic I would like to hear opinions on this. Two people in a magickal society that I’ve spoken to say that they don’t believe in doing rituals and practicing etc regularly and that the goal is to have great relationships with a few spirits so that they achieve for you what you are seeking with the rituals. the ways that they achieve these great relationships are not in line with what I’m willing to do and I was told I’m not there yet in terms of mindset and trust of demons.

I argued that I have no need to invite demons into my body and offer up myself as an offering to demons if I can achieve results in other ways. They said the so called rituals and practicing were basically a waste of time meaning expending too much time, effort and energy and then I just kept kept quiet.

I feel their argument doesn’t take into account ppl who just want to improve their magickal ability too. I’m going to be doing what really is a course in high magick golden dawn style that’s outlined in the book modern magick it’s to build my skill level in magick and for me to learn new things.


Your practice is your own. If you don’t follow this train of thought, then you don’t have to. Relationships with spirits/entities are per practitioner and can be handled in a way that is beneficial and meaningful to them.

That said, it’s really up to you if you feel you are comfortable engaging with demons. Shouldn’t hinge on what they feel is best for you.


On average,

Morning - 10-15 minute money magick ritual (or alternative quick ritual, or rest), followed by occult reading with breakfast (eggs and coffee)

Sometime during the day, varies - sex magick ritual, anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending

Evening - Enochian Ritual of the Keys
1 hour mindfulness meditation
Banishing/centering, similar to the LBRP, archangel pathworking
Energy work, chakras and exploding the fountain of light
Enochian empowerment
Energy work, drawing on the light of the infinite
The Stillness, contemplation of time and space, perception without labels
Speaking the Key
Summoning the angels
Communion and conclusion
(all in all, after the 1 hour meditation the ritual takes around 1.5-2 hours, so around 3 total)
Meditation before sleep, around 30 minutes, Tibetan zhine style or fire kasina

Bedtime - dream yoga
before sleep practices, remembering the waking state as a dream, strengthening the intention to accomplish dream yoga
dream journalling
4 visualizations throughout the sleeping period
before rising practices - remembering the dreams, strengthening the intention to abide in awareness throughout the waking state

Morning - money magick ritual

And so the wheel of practice turns through waking and dreaming.

This is my “full” routine. I don’t do the Keys ritual every day, and if I don’t I’ll probably do an Enochian ritual for about 30 minutes (and I should meditate beforehand).

I do also have a life outside of magick, and this is definitely the most time-consuming magick practice routine I’ve had. I’m sharing it for those that are curious, but you definitely don’t need to do this to get results. When it comes to magick, I do what I do for good reasons, but I have also had times when I did at most one 30-ish minute ritual per day with almost no occult reading and no meditation and experienced magick quite potently. So what I’m saying is that you will find the balance that is appropriate for you at the time.


THe beautiful thing about LHP is that you can do what you want. No one gets to be telling you what to do and why or when. It’s nice to talk with others, clearly we’re all here. But you make your own choices.

My practice varies day by day. I do rituals sometimes and meditate sometimes and do xyz sometimes, most of the things i do i don’t do everyday. And maybe i should, but no one gets to shame me for the way I choose to practice is the beauty of the path I’ve chosen.

I do invocation because i enjoy it. Also one time it was an accident and a bit scary but it’s all fine now :slight_smile: And people who only do evocation, because they don’t believe in invocation, because they’re scared, because they don’t want to…any other reason… it’s a personal choice. And I’d love to talk about why with people, but never to tell them they’re wrong and I’m right. That’s bullshit. We’re all different people and most of us don’t practice in exactly the same way. I like talking about the same experiences because it’s fun, but talking about where we’re different is really great too!

Edit: to answer the question probably everything included maybe like 2hours? tarot, ritual, meditation, and other things too



How do you find the time???


I’ve been doing some grounded silenced meditations in the darkness of my room for about 1-2 hours till upon reaching trance. Whats the point of the darkness you ask? Well because my damn lights off the ceiling fan can be bright as shit at times depending with what I work with, lol. So I’ll go pure lights out or even just lit one of the nearby candles from my altar spaces. My main foucus as of recently is practice of Clairaudience while still conducting Chakra work in between a little of my busy schedule.

I still find the time to do self empowerment basics that was greatly eased with the help of Lilith a while back. The need of my Clairaudience comes after exceeding in Clairsentience. An intresting transition over feeling energies now comes as to hearing them and what true words they posses. Although not proficient as of yet to say but is where self empowerment hops along as one of goals to achieve along the ways. Definitely keeps the mind active and clear ready for the next steps in line.

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My daily routine:

Morning: 10 minutes of meditation to connect with the black flame

Midday: 15 minutes of meditation to gain God consciousness.

Evening: 15 minutes of meditation on grounding

At night: Chakra activation with subsequent out of body experience

Weekend routine:

Morning: ritual time from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Midday: 20 minutes Small ritual for current wishes

Afternoon: 1 hour of free meditation in nature

At night: Chakra activation with subsequent out of body experience

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I go down my list of daily rituals in the morning. That takes me about an hour to an hour and a half depending on which ones I cycle through. I then do qi gong for 20 mins, and then a few quick 10 min meditations (usually 2 or 3), and practice various breathing techniques. At night before bed I do another round of qi gong (20ish mins), and then my meditations for building the body of light and lucid dreaming until I fall asleep.

So daily, consistently, I do about 2 to almost 3 hours of practice.

Weekends are different, as I have more time to practice. So I usually do stuff throughout the day. On my days off I can easily get 4 hours in of just practice. This is not including journaling, reading and taking notes of the various books I have in my library, or talking about the occult with my friends xD

A couple notes:

I live with roommates, and do my practices exclusively in my room.
I don’t have a dedicated altar.
I think once my roomies move out, I will feel more ‘free’ to do what I will. I really want to get into more ‘physical’ hands on work, such as working with herbs and creating tinctures and such.

I usually grab a sigil on paper, most times light incense (stores are closed, going to run out soon) and do the gazing stare thing. Watch it flash here and there, feel the third-eye pulse, sometimes tiny crackles in the crown as my hard-head slow malls into something more flexible. Try and roll with any energy sensations I get and look for IRL synchronicities. Will do the energy work spinal bounce early morning at work or during lunch in my car if I have enough time on my own.

Try and do at least two weeks per sigil at a time and use: Lucifer, Astaroth, Namaah, Agrat-Bat-Mahlat. Used to do it with Set/Sitri but felt things were getting way too chaotic, was fun though. I just keep trying and eventually one day I’ll see and hear them properly. As for now its little sparks and flashing sigils. Share room with partner though so I cant chant :frowning: if anyone has some recommendations would love to hear

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Have you tried chanting in your mind?

Yes. Felt it less effective than verbalising but maybe try it for longer? I know there is no clear cut answer but roughly should I expect a trance after x amount of time or the manifestation would be stronger? Would it help if I imagined myself saying it or thinking it is the same effect?

When I do it mentally I try to imagine icanfeel the vibrations in my vocal chords and everything like I’m really doing it (and experiencing myself doing it), and that seems to be fairly effective.

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I did end up imagining myself saying it. Seemed to work but using the same sigil over a few days builds up its power doesnt it? Had a dream that a lion which was friendly decided that it didnt like me anymore and tried to kill me. Oh and my friend tried to leave me with a coffee bill? No idea what that’s supposed to mean