How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


Ah shit, that’s crazy, I’ve always gotten a snake vibe from his as well. So much so that I keep snake vertebrae on my altar when calling to him. That is some minty fresh sweet validation.


:rofl: shit! I started this about 3 months ago and am already getting validation! Great am sane!


I summoned him yesterday and if he really came, it was something very soft, nothing like what I’ve read here.


He can manifest in many different ways…He is not static to fit into one or two molds. What you read isn’t always what you get.
According to the relationship one builds with Him, He will reveal various aspects of Himself.


@SoliMar He is one of the spirits I most called, maybe there is something wrong with me.


There’s nothing wrong with you! I believe it’s better to focus on One whom you feel connected to rather than trying to work with many and scattering your focus.


:rofl: i know how that feels! They are so many that i wanna see and i get greedy and lose my focus…


@SoliMar I do not know who I feel connected to, my head of many laps and I’m confused, I’ll find a way to solve all this, thanks for the answers.


Draw the Sigil out into the Astral Space right in front of you.
That way, you can have it active and move it.




@SoliMar I asked him to guide me in an emergency situation, how do I know if he has accepted or not? I have not had any signs so far, and I need to resolve this emergency.


I can’t tell you that-- I’m not a mediator and He’s forbidden me to act as such…you have to be patient and trust. I will tell you this though, that the King will make you wait just to prove a point. My suggestion is to wait and ask Him yourself when you’ve calmed down.


He who ask’s never will be answered.
He who haves the Answer,
will never have to ask.

Assume it to be a success,
and be grateful for it to be furfilled.

doubt will only hinder you,
and block you from actually getting where you want to go.




Thanks for the answers.


I just completed my attempt to evoke King Paimon. It was drizzling and about to rain while I was preparing the offering, incense, candles and stuff. I began to trace out his sigil and it ws raining while I was doing it. The thunder going on outside was just horrendous. The thunder just sounded like far away, very loud, and it drew closer like just outside the road of my apartment. I had to stop and wonder ‘what the hell is that thunder? Is there a war going on outside? Is it his way of announcing his arrival?’ I have never heard such loud thundering till now. It subsided after I finished. After that I used my blood to activate the sigil, perhaps too much as I can’t really see the sigil that much :sweat_smile:. Did Invoke help from Lepaca in evoking King Paimon, when the hymms and invocation of Paimon created by VK Jehannum and did another evocation created by “Secret of The Gods” lady. Nothing happened as usual. Didn’t see our hear anything. Maybe it is because I am a noob. Still I read out my request to King Paimon and left it at that. Maybe I should sleep on his sigil tonight to see if I can get a response.


I’ll put it like this. King Paimon works a lot like Lucifer. He’s a good teacher but he won’t come to your sight immediately. He’s a tricky one to actually get into your ritual space. I know from my experience he really shows up quickly if you offer up your energy.


No, it’s just that he likes to make a soundy entrance!

@Bigfatfoot King Paimon always comes when summoned! He heard you, as far as I understand and he came to you. However, if you can’t hear him or feel him yet, it’s probably because you need to develop your astral senses!


First 2 times I tried he didn’t show up. 3rd time he definitely showed up. It was so windy outside my windows wouldnt stay shut lol.


I mean, it happens…if you can’t stay focused at first, it’s hard to feel him.


What type of energy would be considered a good offering?


Well, as long as he heard my petition would be good enough. A decent conversation will take time.