How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


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I really need ur e-mail address


The person you are replying to left the forum a year and a half ago so it is very unlikely you will get a response.


Hello ive tried contacting king paimon through my ouija board with lit candled as well. Im not sure about offerings yet as i dont go by nornal standards of offerings i thought using wine and grapes pecans to. Im not 100% sure. I did more research way back when on him and had a connection with him since i was 13. Is there any useful tips that could help me with summoning and communicating with him? Ive used his enn chant several times.


Most spirits, don’t prefer to communicate through an ouija board. I’d suggest you to summon him and talk to him mentally. There are many tips on the forum, you can search about it, by using the search function.


That is not always available to me to do it


King Paimon, a ways remember King, he did earn it.

Did anyone ever get a straight answer if he was a mask of Azazel?


I did hear from Azazel though I’m not exactly fine if him




He isn’t a mask of Azazel. Their energies feel the same, but they are not.

Actually, it’s not that hard, nor you need any tools at all.


I know im a kean psychic but ive been having trouble with contact them. I dont know if it is just me or if its the will of something unknown that im not meant to work with them.


Then I’d suggest you to improve your astral senses. It’s probably the reason you can’t hear them nor feel them.
Meditation can really help you there.


I c feel them because im a empath but i cant see or hear then ive tried opening it up but I’m struggling with it so much I’ve tried for years


Well, it does take time. As I said meditation is the key and some sunlight may also help you.


My eyes are sensative to light.


That’s okay, meditation is enough to help you with this.


Thank you i wilo try


This is an awesome read, just something I thought you may find interesting, I am Iranian, and my language is Farsi, so Paimon in farsi means promise. Positive huh? :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity : I hear he brings many others with him. Would he be bothered if I evoke him in the sane room as my altar to kuan yin and the Buddha’s (see picture below)?

Thank you :pray:


No, that would be okay!