How I Increased My Income Five-Fold in Two Years

OK so I’ve mentioned a few times around the forum that I used LOA techniques to increase my income 5x. I thought that perhaps I could post my full experience so you could see what worked for me.

I see so many people saying you can’t get a lot of money with magick, or it has to be for the good of others, or some such nonsense that’s just one’s own limiting beliefs. I’m posting this because none of that is true.

Warning: this is a very long post. I’m going to be very honest in it and give real numbers so you can see what my situation was and what it is now.

All through my 20s I tried all sorts of ways to make money. My wife and I are both blind so we qualify for government assistance (SSI). But that really doesn’t pay anything and we were living on a combined income of $1,100 per month.

I was always trying to do something extra, even took on an internship once but nothing really ever worked out. My own side ventures would maybe sometimes make a few hundred in a month, but then I had to report it to SSI so half of that was taken back by being deducted from my next SSI check. So it was two steps forward, one step back.

Well in 2016 I got frustrated with it. I was tired of always struggling. I had been studying the law of attraction for about a year at that point, but not getting too many real-world results from it yet.

Around that time a being started coming to me and identified himself as Hades. It seemed odd he would want me to work with him, but I agreed. Though he’s traditionally the god of the underworld, I’ve also seen reference to him ruling wealth as well.

Anyway in the following weeks I received certain suggestions, which I applied and immediately started getting results.

This began in October, 2016. I was used to making $1,200 or so per month depending on the month, and ending the month with less than $100 in the bank.

That month, I was told not to be so soft about my intentions. I should absolutely decide that I was going to achieve my financial goals no matter what, not just a mere affirmation that I “intended” to receive abundance.

The second thing I did was to set real, measurable monthly goals. I remember in October I set $1,500 as my goal. It was only a few hundred dollars above what I usually got, so not too far outside my comfort zone. And indeed, by the last week of October I had made my $1,500.

All I did was every day or two, sometimes less often but I tried to make it regular, I’d feel the feeling of having that $1,500 by the end of the month. Usually I’d buckle down and really focus on it hard in the last two weeks of the month, and that’s when most of the results came.

Then November came and I was told to increase my goal. OK, so I set $2,000. That seemed a bit harder but doable.

And no kidding, on the last day of the month I made my goal, within a few cents—maybe something like $2,000.16 I think.

December, again I had to increase my goal. OK I was feeling bolder, so I really reached for it: $3,500. It was the hardest one yet, and a few times I almost gave up on the goal. But no kidding, by the end of the month I had exceeded that $3,500.

This money was coming from my side business which up to that point had been all but dormant. Now I was getting clients out of the blue.

So to summarize, in three months, where before I would have made maybe $3,600 or so, instead I made over $7,000.

Well that had stretched me pretty well, and Hades said just to acclimate to this new level of abundance. January and February settled back down a bit, to around $2,000-$2,500 per month.

The problem was that SSI was becoming inconvenient. I was bumping up against their maximums. Where before I only had a few hundred in the bank at once, now I’d regularly have $2,000 or more in the bank at any given time. But they only allowed us to have maximum assets of $3,000 as a married couple. So, I knew the next step was to get off of SSI.

Come March, I set that as a goal. I would get off of SSI. But I didn’t know the first place to look because I had literally never looked for a job before.

Well I happened to be in my Wordpress dashboard for my website, and one of the plugins I use had a notice on the admin dashboard saying that the company who developed that plugin were looking to hire a new developer.

They were a German company, which meant I could still work from home and have pretty flexible hours.

Not really thinking anything of it, I sent over my resume. I literally thought, “I’m sure nothing will come of it, but I may as well try.”

Well a few days later I got a response: they wanted to interview me. I talked to the hiring manager and we got along pretty well.

But then he disappeared for a few weeks so I thought perhaps that was the end of that. Just to cover my bases, I emailed him again a few more times, the last time in the beginning of April. Just to clarify we’re in 2017 now.

He had been on vacation and I was still in the running. They wanted a code sample from me which I provided, and they were satisfied.

Long story short, I was hired on April 10. I’d be making $2,000 per month, which actually two months later was upped to $3,300/month.

This was my first major accomplishment Literally within 7 months of beginning this work, I had gone from making roughly $1,200 per month, to making $3,300 plus money from my other business, so we’ll call it an average of $4,000 per month or so. That’s more than a triple increase.

This was a huge lifestyle change, and it triggered some major subconscious beliefs. I didn’t feel worth this much money. I still regularly had a few thousand lying around in the bank at a time. Where before I worried about the debit card going through when we’d order groceries or buy something online, now money was just always… there. This was a level of abundance I had never before experienced.

Well fast forward about a year for the second stage of this story, say around May 2018. I was still working for that company, but around this time I realized that as a programmer, I could actually demand quite a bit more salary. I was getting more confident in my role.

Plus, now I was comfortable at that level of abundance and wanted more. Just because, having a lot of money is a lot of fun.

BTW, none of this was for altruistic reasons. I just really enjoy having money. I never gave any reason for it when I was manifesting it. I just wanted money and set the intention to have it.

Anyway I started setting my mind on more money. At this point, between my job and my side business, plus a part-time job my wife took on a few months before, we were making about $55,000-$60,000 per year.

I wanted more money for two reasons: (1) because I could and it sounded fun, and (2) because I wanted to be valued more as a programmer. In the US $40,000 for programming is very low. The remaining $20,000 was from our other work.

So I set my intention again. This time I did actually look for jobs, but I hate applying so I only applied to maybe 3 places. It was the first place I applied to though that got back to me in June, 2018.

I had a lot of anxiety about this one. Again I was reaching really far and I didn’t know if I could do it.

As a side-note, every significant increase in income comes with a new level of consciousness, and consequently your subconscious freaks out a bit because it doesn’t like change. I’ve gotten very good at stepping up to new levels of income, but it’s hard work that requires a lot of inner self-awareness and emotional work.

That anxiety got in the way of me getting that job for a while. They delayed things over a month, putting off making a decision. It got to the point where I was convinced I wouldn’t get the job, but it was at that point that they gave me the job offer.

So this manifestation took a total of 3 months, from May, 2018 until the end of August, 2018. And the end result?

Our household income jumped from ~$55,000 or so, to around $85,000-$90,000, plus now I had real health insurance and am on track to have a 401(k) after another month or so.

Again this all started at the end of 2016 with me poor, struggling, and frustrated, making less than $15,000 per year, literally under the poverty line. That was a nearly 6 fold increase.

I say 5-fold in the title because since then, my wife and I have moved to a new location and she had to quit her job, which lessened our income a little bit, but not much. I’m still working on manifesting a replacement for that extra income, plus probably some more as well.

Our everyday financial situation now: instead of a couple thousand, now there’s a total of around $7,000-$9,000 in the bank (including some in savings) at any given time depending on time of the month, and that’s steadily growing. Money worries are entirely in the past, something I literally haven’t thought about for at least a year at this point.

My immediate goal for the near future is to breach the $100,000/year mark.

Some final observations:

  • As I said, each new income level comes with a new level of consciousness. This will cause anxiety and stress. You have to do it anyway.
  • The trick to getting to the next level of consciousness is to feel the emotional state of already being there. So now, I’d imagine my life at $100,000/year, what that would mean for my day-to-day life. What would my regular bank balance be? What would I be able to do that I can’t do now?
  • There are two keys to changing reality: emotion + will. Feel what you want, and will that it is going to happen. Don’t take failure as an option.
  • You can have anything you want, simply because you want it. You can have as much money as you want, because you want it. It doesn’t matter if you want to roll around in it Scrooge McDuck style, or if you want to build schools in Africa. Literally no one cares. All that matters is that you want it.
  • However, manage your money well. I’m a big believer in budgeting, saving, investing. If you treat what you have well, it’ll be far easier to get more of it. That doesn’t mean don’t spend what you want to spend, but make a plan—a real, practical plan—and follow it. Unite the magickal and the practical, and money will flow to you in as large of quantities as you want.

And that’s my story of money. I’m quite passionate about money because I think it can change people’s lives. It’s certainly changed mine.


Congratulation man , really glad to hear this. Stories like this give hope to many others. Hope you can now fulfill your other dreams also as the monetary aspect is taken care of.


This is fucking awesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

Thanks so much for sharing. :+1:


Thank you for share!


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I hope this happens to me soon


Make it happen then :smiley: Hope won’t get you there.

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I’m a mystic, so I can’t force things or it blows up in my face. I have to wait for things to unfold astrologically.

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