Discussing Failure

I once thought “People reporting failures aren’t creating them: it’s a fact that they didn’t get the wanted results”, but recently it occurred to me that a failure may be considered a minor and temporary accident. The choice is either a skeptic mentality (“am I right?”, “what if…”) or the magical imagination that creates success and its opposite, depending on what is believed usual.
So another thing to avoid is the alternate plan: shouldn’t this spell work, I’ll try that other one or I’ll contact that other entity.


I largely agree: if you give reality two routes to take, it will take the most probablistic one available, and that’s usually the “fail.”

No-one has a Plan B they believe will be less likely to succeed than their Plan A.

Which could usefully lead us to wonder why so often we want things that are highly improbable.

If you think about that one for a moment, it seems fucking weird - a lion wants abundant prey, water, and other lions to make baby lions with, and it can usually accomplish those goals in precise alignment with its DNA and soul’s instincts. No lion ever bit itself in an orgy of self-harm because it didn’t have horns, or wings.

Why are humans so different?

What genetic or spiritual inheritance do we possess, that we are almost never as happy as a simple lion?

Certainly something that various multinationals and drug manufacturers are eager to try and suppress, by medicating the itch for MORE. :roll_eyes:

But, back on topic, this is some advice E.A. posted when I made a topic years ago, seething about one of my workings that failed:

ETA: hope you don’t mind @fapa79 but your post was very thought-provoking and I think it may have run the risk of a new conversation derailing the old topic, so I’ve made it its own new thread.


Thank you for your reply and the link, it’s an opportunity to further meditate on that new perspective :slight_smile:

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