How I Created A Powerful Energy Entity

Thoughtforms are entities/spirits/thoughts created by you on the ethereal plane.

This can be related to every day experience through perception.

2 people may experience the same situation and draw drastically different energies from it. This is due to perception.

They both get rejected by a girl they like, she calls them “unfit and ugly”. This may or may not be the case, however one of them perceives the truth behind this and draws from it a powerful sense of motivation to change themselves. The other dwells in their misery.

So we can see from the exact same situation, there were 2 drastically different energetic reactions withdrawn due to perception.

This is how we can get our thoughts working for us, rather than against us. By altering our perceptions of things, we can alter the energy we extract from events.

So as we close our eyes and visualise, we feel that experience in our etheric body the same as if we were actually participating in it.

Hence in a similar way with the girl rejecting you, if you can conjure up a feeling of some sort from whatever source you can create in your minds eye and feel it in your etheric body. If the perception on your end is correct you can transmute this energy for whatever purpose you do desire.

The key is to believe that what you’re imagining is really happening, feel the energy and have your intentions set of what you want to do with it. And do it, harness the powers from your mind.

For example: I’ll create a guardian that follows me around. Make him as real as possible, draw him, what are his powers?, how does he extract energy and provide it to you?

Now meditate on this in your minds eye, feel him working exactly as you intent him to, this will take some time.

You can then link this entity to a physical item, for this example a piece of jewellery would be ideal ie: ring, bracelet, necklace.

Again meditate on the entity being inside this item, solidify it in your mind.

You should feel like you have a relationship with this entity. You know how he operates, and how his powers effect you. He is now fused to a piece of jewellery.

When you put this piece on now, you will be familiar with the operation of the entity. It’s time to bring it out to interact with the real world as opposed to the minds eye reality.

You can really get as creative as you like with this, once it’s believable to you and you can feel it in operation. And obviously there are limits to this but I’ve found the longer you work with it the stronger its effects become.

I was constantly met by this goat like figure in my meditations, I asked for its help in achieving specific targets.

Intuition led me through research and it just felt right, now here we are this entity is fused inside a ring I own and it does exactly what I intended it to.

Still a work in progress but the results have been too good not to share with you guys.

Let me know if anyone here’s done anything similar before, as I’m simply following what feels right and it’s working marvellous

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Well, there is this that’s pretty popular and has worked for a lot of members here, but you seem to have a different tack… this is about creating a named entity with a relatable personality that does work for you, aka a servitor, and it doesn’t usually have a vessel, though there’s no reason whey it couldn’t.

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