How hell creatures possess humans on earth?

hello as the title mentions, my question is simple

we all knew there are demons from hell and there are many other spirits and parasites which are purely dark creatures of hell, so how could they possess human being.

Who bring them out from hell
Earth is different plane

i dont think black magicians have powers to bring someone from hell,
hell is not accessible right ?

Can someone make it easy to understand

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They are not from “hell.”

The world is teeming with spirits of all sorts. They rarely interact with humans, though, simply because they live on the astral plane, and unless we open up our perception to see, they are basically invisible to us. The astral is the closest subtle plane, and intersects with the physical in certain areas, what we usually call “power spots.” These power spots are where the walls between realms is thinner, allowing the physical and subtle to mix. They also act like portals, allowing beings to cross between the different planes more freely.

Unwilling possession is extremely rare. Generally, a spirit must be invited in, whether consciously, or unconsciously, though there are some techniques of black magick for forcing a magician’s spirit into someone else’s body, but that is less a possession and more of a permanent takeover.


Spirits exist in all manners of places rather than just hell.

Hell is accessible but there is more than just one hell. For example it is believed that the spirit being called when summoning the intranquil spirit spell is a spirit from hell.

Some magicians have claimed to have visited hell in the astral or via remote viewing.

You can ask an entity to possess you but that can be either a partial or total possession. Sometimes possession is an offering. For example I might invite a entity to possess me and share in the experience of drinking a whiskey as payment for their services.

As darkestknight has said some magicians have been able to force others from their body.


in all religions
its believed that hell and paradise are the places of afterlife

depending on Karma where we are sent to.

So its amazing to read magicians visiting hell,
i think it has a backdoor… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, no, not all religions have afterlives, or hells, or karma. And the ones that do see them all very differently. You want to be specific when you talk about that.

The modern view of hell evolved from the Egyptian religions. It was then popularaised int th emoderm fiery by Dantes comedy, which was actyally about taing the piss out of the current politicians at the time, but people have made it into a fantasy to scare people into doing as tey’re told out of fear of it.

It’s all rather silly tbh.

If you search on here we’ve had a few discussion about the hells: the general consensus is, when you’re aware that humans are creator beings and can create whatever we want in the astral, you realise that we create as many hells as we like to fit our expectations.

What then happens is people take themselves there, and they stay there until they feel like they don’t really deserve it any more, and then they get on with their spiritual evolution.

Hell is fake, basically.

So there are two kinds of beings here, real sovereign original spirits that have nothing to do with human invented astral locations, and egregores created to fit fantasy expectation.

As a mage I know which one interests me more, and medieval politicians characterised as “demons” aren’t it.

In short: Know your history or be controlled by it.


Thats what their called power spots cause if so I had my fair share of spiritual hotspots where sometimes worlds intwine & I cannot tell my mother because she’ll put me on meds again long story I’m not gonna dive into it, I highly meditated before & after & every new abandoned place I discovered there’s either a mystery to Be solved or there’s a spiritual hotspot or power spot lingering about I know because I can sense them because I’m a empathy

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There are only two types of possession. One is more influence and obsession until the human soul devolves and becomes like the creature influencing it and behaving as one with it. The other is the soul is either suppressed and forcibly disjointed from the material body and the entity takes over wearing the body and using it as their own. As for hell itself it certainly exists though not as most think and it is the destination point for lesser souls before reincarnation. It is the lowest and most immediately accessible layers of the astral outside the boundary layers in most locations given so much of human consciousness resides on this level. Though any spirit can perform possession of one sort or another not just actively malicious ones.