How every different moon affects you?

Hi y’all:

I am personally quite a lunatic person. I normally prefer new moons rather than full moons as I feel pretty muddled, pissed off and dizzy with the last ones…

Today is full moon in Gemini. How is this moon affecting you?
Personally me and some acquaintances have felt the same: issues sleeping, nightmares, pain, more sensitive than usual, grumpier than usual. Things getting broken without reason (mostly computers), objects moving by themselves… etc. All of these have been increasing over the course of the week, and normally happen in some kind of level every full moon.

Does it happen to any of you? Are you normally aware of the moon, even if you don’t work with it for your magic?

I know there are similar topics, but I wanted to discuss specifically this full moon from tonight.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


I definitely have issues during the full and new moons. New moons are particularly dark periods for me but not in a sad way - I just feel darker.

As for right now though, I’ve blown multiple electronics and am wide awake during the night feeling like I need to “ do something.” I wouldn’t say irritable but a little more loose lipped and unfiltered.


Yep, nightmares my phone screen just going black, intense headache.

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I feel quite hyper during a new moon, kinda wired like I’ve not had enough sleep and too much caffeine (if there is such a thing!?l)

This full moon has made me much more sensitive. It seems to have either amplified peoples energies or lowered my defences so I’m struggling to block them…which isn’t very pleasant!

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Don’t forget we’re also currently under Mercury retrograde. My issues with the full moon are gone for the past few months, so this full moon I feel pretty good! Don’t hit me! :joy:


Neither the moon phase nor retrogrades affect me - not directly. I felt it once because I wanted to, and brought it upon myself. Didn’t see a benefit and didn’t do it again.

What does affect me is when they make other people crazy, then they make it my problem. Horrible driving, impatient shoppers, weirdness at work… it’ll be nice when more of humanity is awake. It’s possible to keep balanced so the energy doesn’t mess you up. Even basic tai chi forms and yoga help give you back control.


How does the mercury retrograde affect us? Just curious

Here an example, you can find more of course.

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Yeeesss so much this, it’s always other people going crazy which affects me.

Thanks :two_hearts:

Before i was aware, the January moon was my suicidal moon… i would go hide so that no one would touch me. Their energy seemed to amplify negatively in me. There a monthes that seem to call me and bring me out… oh those were the moons my pals loved seeing me howl in my creative energy.