How easy it for you to talk with spirit?

How much time it takes for you to focus on spirit and talk with him?

For example you have spirit girlfriend. Do you need to enter meditative state and focus on her to communicate? Or you can do it as easy as if she was a physical person standing next to you?

Apollo said to me that I should believe what I see and hear. I was like “shit, that is real”. I was seeing him and muses and just wasn’t conscious of it for a long time. So I asked myself this question.

My clairaudient abilities used to be so strong that I could hear and talk to spirits as easily as if they were standing right beside me. This created a lot of problems for me as I felt like I had no room for my own personal private thoughts anymore. I tried to set boundaries with the spirits but it didn’t work as I couldn’t control how much I could hear. Sometimes opening your psychic abilities isn’t worth it.


I understand you. My current abilities are the same as you described. Ability to see and hear spirits 24/7 is very hard to handle. I also can’t feel myself alone in my own mind.

Can You talk about how did You got that good with senses and Also how did You stop it?

Clairaudience is just naturally my strongest psychic sense, but I think what really pushed me over the edge was doing a thirty minute third eye meditation once a week for a couple of months. Azazel advised me to do this so I could get better at scrying, and it did help with that, but I also think it made my clairaudience way too strong. I fixed the problem by going on antipsychotics. I finally feel at home in my thoughts again.

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You’re not the first person on here to say they had to take antipsychotics to shut off their mind’s eye. I find it difficult to understand how people can simply put away spirituality like its a worn out book they’re tired of reading. It is an innate part of yourself that should be nurtured and harnessed for your ultimate growth and betterment. I’m glad you found relief, but I would say to anyone that taking antipsychotics is not the answer. There has got to be a better way of managing these things. What did people do to manage symptoms of an overactive mind before they existed?

You have to learn to control them

While it would be ideal to learn how to control the voices to your benefit, that’s a lot easier said than done. There are plentiful sources on how to open your psychic abilities but very few on how to control them, if there are any at all. You can’t fault people for choosing the easiest method available to them. There comes a point when it isn’t just clairaudience anymore and it’s teetering on psychosis. In the past they dealt with people who had symptoms of psychosis by imprisoning them alongside criminals or locking them up in lunatic asylums. Only people who’ve been through it know how exhausting it is to have to commune with spirits day in and day out. I honestly felt like a part of myself died when I went through that.


They still do lock up the mentally ill in prisons in Canada. It happens all the time. I’ve witnessed it first hand.

I cannot blame anyone for wanting a quick and easy way out of the psychosis. It’s what you do after you regain your sanity to further your spiritual growth that matters.

Hello, can you please tell me what type of third eye meditation it was??
Any link you can provide? That wud be very helpful.

This is the meditation I used the most. I got visions of human faces the very first time I used it. Enjoy.

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thank you so much for this link.

WTF. This guys voice! I literally only listened to him for 5 seconds and I am emotionally overwhelmed. WTF is happening here? These subtones, this background, his voice…something isn’t… wrong, but powerful. There’s a shit ton of power here and I haven’t even started. Anyone else get that? I mean do you hear it?! It’s psychical, in the clairaudient realm, this guy is likely practicing magick, he is doing something powerful. It went straight through the heart chakra and up and down the spine! Am I nuts or is anyone else getting extreme power radiation from here?